Left: Brume by Javier Torres, 150 x 120cm. Right: Rays of Light by Javier Torres, 120 x 150cm.
Chiara by Lucía Lago, 120 x 120cm
Elegance I by Jaime Jurado, 90 x 116cm.
Dimension I & Dimension II by Txema Gonzlez, 90 x 116cm

Bringing great art closer to home, Sarsfield Brooke’s NovoCuadro range represents a variety of expressive artworks for sophisticated interiors

Ensuring that the art we live with is the art we love, NovoCuadro is an artists management company that brings together a range of artworks with a unique ambience and style, to suit even the most intricate of interiors.

Combining good taste, and a respect for an original decorative work of art, NovoCuadro’s made-to-order works — from oil and watercolours to acrylic mixed-media techniques — are global in scope, with a slight leaning to Spanish artists. 

Innovative, modern and with a certain daring air, the artworks, available exclusively at Sarsfield Brooke in New Zealand, are curated with an understanding of personal style. 

Lucía Lago’s ever-changing works, for example, are primarily mixed media on canvases, which achieve a depth through different textures and contrasts of harmonious colours. As such, they work with myriad interior colour schemes.

Jaime Jurado’s paintings bring together brushstrokes and newspaper clippings in landscapes that seem to whisper to the viewer from far away. Expressive and impressive, his works are a serene yet intriguing addition to living spaces that will start a conversation.

Meanwhile, Javier Torres’ work is interested in the details others don’t notice. With an artist’s eye, he paints fleeting instances of human existence through ethereal landscapes. Mediating scenarios of the subconscious, his work is calm and collectable.

View our virtual gallery of NovoCuadro works from Sarsfield Brooke below:


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