Bathe yourself in beauty with this sculptural design that’s perfect for outdoor bathrooms

Right now, we could sink into a soothing bath that helps us wash away the worries of the world we so feel. Taking a bath outside in a secluded garden is the ultimate indulgence — breathe in the fresh air, surrounded by healing nature.

The Taizu bath is Victoria + Albert’s first collaboration with renowned Hong Kong-based designer Steve Leung. Known for using Asian influences in his designs, Leung has come full circle with an opulent design that recalls the Song Dynasty, which encouraged art entranced by its landscape.

While setting the scene is an important aspect, the Taizu itself is inspired by the fine porcelain of the same era, with sloping sides softened by a chamfered edge and sculpted detail at the base.

“Bathing is a relaxing experience, reinvigorating the body and mind. Daily life is increasingly intense; this moment of tranquility is a precious indulgence,” Leung explains of his design process. “I wanted to create an iconic bath that draws a connection between East and West, referencing the past with a view to the future.”

As such, the Taizu bath is a natural centrepiece for a bathing sanctuary, whether the walls that ensconce it are made of plants or plaster.

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