The floor of Paris and Henry Mitchell-Temple's home is painted in a custom-made Resene colour

These inspired projects are positioning painted floors as the ultimate modern design detail

When it comes to injecting a touch of colour into the home or office, usually it’s the classic feature wall that’s touted as the answer. But perhaps we have reached peak feature wall. Maybe, in order to express our individual creativity in a more unique way, we need to start thinking about other ways to introduce various shades into a space.

Enter, the painted floor. Taking the central tenets of the feature wall and flipping them horizontally, the painted floor is a decidedly cool way to add another dimension to your space, whether white and bright or rendered in a colour that speaks to your personality.

The floor of Paris and Henry Mitchell-Temple’s home is painted in a custom-made Resene colour

Looking at the floor Paris and Henry Mitchell-Temple (the former a fashion designer, the latter the co-owner of Annabel’s Wine Bar) chose for the lower-level of their home, it’s easy to make a case for the trend. Rendered in a beautiful custom-made Resene hue, the floor offers an artistic base for the couple’s creative, sculptural decor and eye-catching art.

The floor in Denizen HQ was painted in Resene Half Copyrite. Photo: Simon Wilson

In Denizen HQ, on the other hand, the floors have been painted in the crisp, white tone of Resene Half Copyrite. Neutral and clean, it gives our office the effect of a blank canvas on which we can leave our own, indelible mark. It also works to cultivate a calm space for all the brainpower we exert during the day.

So whether you’re ready to commit to bold flooring, or would rather dabble in a more subtle tone, the painted floor trend is one we are happily on board with and Resene has the vast and varied colour spectrum to suit any taste.


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