Hasami Porcelain natural bowl and Margi Nuttall vase (simonjames.co.nz), Shun Premier Santoku knife, Denby Studio Blue ridged bowl and Reed & Barton Soho bar set (thestudio.co.nz), Superette Home Agate coaster (superette.co.nz), Florals by La Femme Fleur (lafemmefleur.co.nz).

Resene is encouraging us to embrace the middleground of the tonal spectrum this season

This season, neutral colours like Resene Antidote, Resene Just Right and Resene Okey Dokey are offering simple ways to cultivate a warm ambiance in your home. And while the highly saturated hues that have been popular previously are sure to make a statement, these tones are designed to dissolve seamlessly into the background, their effects felt in a far more subtle, gradual way.

From neutral beige notes to swathes of dusty blush, Resene’s vast and varied range of colours in this category will help to create spaces that feel modern and chic, and act as the perfect backdrop for any upcoming get-togethers or social events you might be planning for the end of the year.

Image credit: Styling: Margie Cooney, Art Direction: Fran King


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