Walls in Resene Double Spanish White with borders in Resene Eighth Spanish White. Floor in Resene Quarter Spanish White, large plant pot in Resene Double Spanish White, art deco table in Resene Clay Creek. Chair from David Shaw and Birds and bowl from Good Form.

How to create an interior masterpiece by framing your walls with carefully cordoned-off colour

A custom-painted wall takes an interior to the next level. For this, the framed wall trend is a creative flourish still in line with a sophisticated scene, presenting just the right amount of interest and intention for a considered conversation piece. In this room, Resene Eighth Spanish White has been layered in spacious borders to frame the focal colour block, Resene Double Spanish White.

The latter, complex creamy white adds warmth, as well as a fixture of flexibility, to the linear design. Both colours have been prepped with two coats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen — tinted first to each hue. Unconventional artwork then adds a final, curvaceous flare to the wall space, while the interior piece of the moment, a bouclé armchair, fits right in.


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