Porsche Presents: The drive with Lizzi Whaley

With over 20 years of experience in interiors, it’s unsurprising that Lizzi Whaley has earned herself an impressive reputation. However it’s not just the success of her projects she’s best known for. Whaley has used her position as an industry figurehead and CEO of highly successful interior architecture firm, Spaceworks, to champion sustainability, inclusivity and diversity within New Zealand’s corporate culture. And she’s done so with plenty of good humour, too.

Here, Lizzi Whaley sits down in front of the camera as part of Porsche’s series — The Drive, to talk about being driven by progress, the power of great design, and maintaining forward momentum. “I think the secret to being driven is to have a purpose. And for me it’s progress. I just want to be a better person. I want to create better outcomes for my clients. I want to create a better journey for my staff. I think you’ve always got to have something that you’re striving for,” she says. “Design can change the world, and I feel that, from my small corner of the world, I can help make an impact.” Learn more about Whaley’s inspiring story, and what drives her via the QR code here.


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