This Australian home features an inviting and private plunge pool connected by a deck off the master bedroom

A gallery of our favourite plunge pools to get you in the al fresco mood

As well suited to confined spaces as they are harmonised by a backdrop of rolling lawns and sweeping landscapes, the plunge pool is experiencing a resurgence. The outdoor amenity can complement innovative architecture while elevating the layout of the entire property, enhanced with everything from fine materials such as marble, and additional features like waterfalls, entry planks and surrounding greenery. Yet the best accompaniment remains to be a serene, panoramic landscape, for pure reflection and serenity.

This 2.5 x 2.5 concrete dipping pool is the perfect backyard addition
(L) A small dipping pool and outdoor shower in the Maldives (R) A plunge pool and pool room of a Connecticut home.
The plunge pool at eco-friendly resort Be Tulum, Mexico
Chevron-patterned parquet surrounds this larger than normal plunge pool in a house by Claesson Koivisto Rune
(L) A dipping pool in a leafy courtyard (R) In a French garden with a small wooden lounging deck
(L) A plunge pool nestled into a private garden (R) The quintessential Morrocan pool


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