Bensen Collar Chair from Tim Webber
Menu Hashira Lighting Series from Tim Webber
Menu Reverse Table Lamp from Tim Webber

How to use raw materials to give your home a chic, timeless edge

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of turning our homes into sanctuaries that reflect our personal values and concerns. One design trend that embodies this idea is the use of raw, organic materials such as timber, stone and grainy textures. These materials offer a sense of authenticity and a connection to the natural world and deliver a finish that is as warm and comforting as it is chic and timeless.

One local brand that we often turn to when thinking about this trend is Tim Webber, where the unique, New Zealand-designed furniture showcases the beauty of raw materials. The Pivot Coffee Table, for example, features a solid walnut dowel that meets a walnut T-frame, providing contrast between the cylindrical and flat surfaces. Available in either solid walnut or oak with a top in either polished Pietra or Carrara marble, this striking piece is both functional and beautiful, and exemplifies how natural timber and stone can shine as a centrepiece in the home.

Really, the buzzword here is ‘hyper-texturality’ — a term coined by trend forecasters to describe this focus on natural qualities stripped of all synthetics. The products that play into this idea offer a sense of authenticity, quality and craftsmanship that consumers are seeking as a counterbalance to mass-market production. Take Menu’s Reverse Table Lamp for example, (another product available from Tim Webber) its conical travertine base and smooth bronze shade proof that raw materials can make even the simplest of pieces striking.

As we continue to prioritise wellness and sustainability in our homes, the trend towards raw, organic materials is sure to continue. Whether it’s through furniture, decor or building materials, these materials offer a sense of connection to the natural world that is increasingly important in our modern lives. Here, we round up some of our favourite examples of this trend from Tim Webber’s impressive offering, in a bid to inspire a more natural approach in your interiors.

Index Entertainment Unit from Tim Webber

Menu Reverse Table Lamp from Tim Webber

From left:  Bensen Torii Chair, Bensen Collar with Wood Base both from Tim Webber

Pivot round coffee table from Tim Webber

Pivot rectangle coffee from Tim Webber


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