The wait is over: Our annual issue of Denizen Modern Living is finally here

There’s no denying that, in our collective psyche, a reignited passion for the state of our home environment is one of the more positive impacts left by Covid’s lockdowns. Whether it’s our main residential address, or our holiday homes, all have been put under the microscope, after more time at home gave us the opportunity to contemplate whether or not these spaces met our needs, both functionally and aesthetically. 

With the demand on housing higher than it’s ever been, and the number of properties on the market at an all time low, the only solution for many is to remodel, redesign and refit their current abodes — elevating them to an ultimate representation of the inhabitants that live within. 

After 13 years of publishing this magazine, we are often seeking to share the next big theme. In the past this has been an easier task. But today’s homes, as you’ll see in our extensive Projects section, represent ideas that are more than just a passing idea. Instead what reigns supreme is a beautiful symphony of diversity that goes beyond being designated as a ‘trend’. 

Today’s homes are a reflection of the owners that reside within, and in the majority of cases, have involved a symbiotic relationship between architect, designer and homeowner. The result is a truly personal reflection of both the needs and the aesthetic passions of those who ultimately get to call the project home.

The 2021 issue of Denizen Modern Living delivers an utterly inspiring round-up of both international and local interior design ideas, along with direction on how to implement them locally.

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