Featuring Ceppo and Avorio Stone

Innovative, sustainable and durable: How Dekton’s new Pietra Kode collection is reimagining the beauty of classic Italian stones

When it comes to reimagining classic Italian-stone surfaces in a more durable and sustainable way, Dekton has once again proven itself a pioneer. Fresh inspiration is found in the brand’s recently-unveiled Pietra Kode collection, a series of sublime stones that can now be acquired through Cosentino, renowned for its innovative and sustainable surfaces.

Designed by the esteemed Daniel Germani, this collection reimagines the beauty of three classic Italian stones: Vicenza, Travertine and Ceppo di Gré, and thanks to its architectural aesthetic and exceptional quality, is poised to transform both our interior and exterior spaces in a way that delivers an appeal beyond its sleek looks alone. 

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Featuring Nebbia and Ceppo Stone

Dekton’s innovative manufacturing process crafts purpose-made, ultra-compact surface stones that surpass the limitations of traditional mined materials. For starters, this engineered approach ensures exceptional durability, where each stone is made to be scratch and stain resistant, ideal for high-traffic flooring and heavily-used surfaces. There is also a significant focus on sustainability, where Dekton’s robust decarbonisation plan and commitment to offsetting 100-percent of its CO2 emissions has rendered the Pietra Kode collection entirely carbon-neutral, making Dekton the only cradle-to-grave carbon neutral surface on the market. And if all that weren’t enough to convince you of quality, the collection also carries a 25-year warranty — so that you can rest secure in the knowledge that the most important surfaces in your home have been made to last.

For these reasons, and for its striking aesthetic advantages too, the Pietra Kode collection is virtually limitless in the range of applications it can offer, exuding contemporary elegance via its rich shades and textures and strong, durable finishes, fit for any kind of surface. From cladding and flooring to kitchen and bathroom surfaces, Pietra Kode’s timeless allure can be seamlessly integrated into both modern and classic contexts, offering a harmonious aesthetic that transcends trends. 

Set In Stone Cosentino
Featuring Marmorio Stone

In coming up with the visual language for this collection, Daniel Germani was inspired by Italian architectural heritage in decoding and recoding three classic Italian stones. Take Nebbia, for instance, which captures the beauty of Vicenza with a fine-grained creamy base dotted with warm taupe hues — a harmonious tribute to the architectural masterpieces created by Andrea Palladio during the Cinquecento era. Upholding Vitruvius’ principles, the reimagined material pays homage to a rich heritage of design and craftsmanship.

Sabbia, on the other hand, reinterprets Italian Travertine, its irregular and colourful vein adding charm to rustic or natural environments. It is a technological reimagining of the stone that laid the foundations of Rome, evoking the brilliance of classical art and speaking to the kinds of inspiring architectural marvels that thrived during the Renaissance. Here, via Dekton’s unique ultra-compaction process, the stone’s inherent beauty and properties not only endure, but are improved. 

Set In Stone Cosentino
Featuring Grigio Stone

Pietra Kode’s Ceppo pays tribute to the distinctive blue-grey multiform structure of Ceppo di Gré stone, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With a reimagined beauty and character, this stone (which etched its mark on Milan’s architectural history) shapes spaces that inspire and forge a deep connection with nature, perpetuating a timeless narrative of harmonious design.

As such, Dekton’s Pietra Kode seamlessly blends architectural beauty with innovation, sustainability and durability. In its rejuvenation of classic Italian stones, it has become a beacon of versatility and exceptional performance, sure to enhance any project with timeless elegance and lasting resilience.



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