Nodi’s exquisite Bamboo Silk Wool Blend collection has expanded with new colours to elevate any space

Thanks to the local purveyors of some of the finest rugs around, a new wave of vibrant hues is set to take over our interiors, suggesting that colour in the home should be employed on every surface, starting from the ground up.

Nodi (known for creating collections that reimagine the classic rug in a bold, luxuirous way) has recently expanded its highly-coveted Bamboo Silk Wool Blend collection by adding tones like Brick, Indigo and Charcoal to the line-up, and making a strong case for colour in any living or bedroom space. Forever inspired by nature and our connection to mother earth, Nodi introduced these hues to echo the natural world while still offering the kind of cool, cosy, contemporary luxury that has made this brand so widely sought-after — and the results really speak for themselves.

For Nodi, the rug is an essential centrepiece, and a detail that (although often underestimated) has the ability to pull together an interior like nothing else. And while the brand’s collections comprise a variety of weaves, it is its handmade, 100 percent bamboo silk combined with pure New Zealand wool additions that offer the perfect combination of modernity and luxury, thanks to their sustainable materials, sumptuous silky texture and luminescent, sheen-like finish.

The expansion of Nodi’s Bamboo Silk Wool Blend range reflects not only on the popularity of the texture, but offers tangible proof that people are willing to embrace colour in their homes once more — moving away from stark monochrome as the only harbinger of a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

So, for anyone seeking a seasonal refresh, look no further than Nodi’s newest Bamboo Silk Wool Blend colours. After all, the simple act of adding or swapping a rug is the most effective way to give any interior space a new lease on life, requiring barely any effort at all.


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