A study in contrasts harmoniously comes together in the Balancing Home

Located on Sydney’s North Shore, the Balancing Home by Luigi Rosselli Architects and interior design firm Decus Interiors is an example of contemporary and classic design existing in perfect harmony. High ceilings with wooden trusses make the indoors feel light and airy, while steel and glass framed doors separate spaces and adds an ultra-modern accent. The dark oak floors contrast the stark white walls while the furniture plays an important part in injecting a pop of colour. The upper exterior of the home is clad in laser cut white plywood that’s reminiscent of shutters and is contrasted by the terracotta painted lower level. European in flavour, the sophisticated result resists the beach house approach of neighbouring properties to achieve something more permanent.

Classicon Bell table from Matisse, Arflex Botolo chair from Studio Italia and the B&B Italia Camaleonda sofa from Matisse.
Moroso Redondo chair from Matisse
Agape Vieques bath from Matisse
Image credit: Justin Alexander


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