Unplugged Checkers in Cornflower

An ode to creativity, Nodi unveils a bold new collection, designed in collaboration with Alma Lopez and Liz Wert

Imbued with same kind of analogue, independent energy that its name carries, Nodi’s new collection ‘Unplugged,’ is the result of a creative collaboration between the the Founder and CEO of the New Zealand-based, luxury rug purveyor, Olivia Moon, and renowned American designers, Alma Lopez and Liz Wert — the founders of San Francisco-based creative and spatial design studio Aditions. Joining forces to create the kinds of rugs that, in their view, hadn’t been offered before, each piece in the collection explores how the spirit of the 90s — a time teetering on the precipice of our hyper-digital era but that gave rise to a wellspring of individual expression and a retained more grounded notions of creativity — can be brought into a contemporary context. And actually, how it can thrive there.

“I was an avid fan of Nodi and the idea of collaborating came about just after Liz and I launched Aditions,” Alma Lopez explains. Liz Wert continues, “While working together on a project at San Francisco Design Week, Olivia, Alma and I came to realise that we held similar views… We wanted to push the boundaries of colour when using natural materials.” She goes on, “And Alma and I were particularly excited to partner with a New Zealand brand, one with design-led aesthetics that values quality and sustainability.”

For Moon, the feelings were clearly mutual. “When Alma and I met, she immediately understood Nodi’s vision… Then this great opportunity presented itself; partnering to create designs that weren’t available. A fun, creative project that worked perfectly in time with the launch of Aditions.”

How this creative partnership has manifested in the new collection is via an offbeat palette that brings vibrant life to Nodi’s signature neutrals. From Neon Dreams, a high-vis tone of yellow, woven into a delicate beige, to Licorice, a dark, impactful tone juxtaposed with off-taupe to create an effect reminiscent of sound distortion or television fuzz, to a soft Cornflower Blue to a warm, earthy Terracotta, the colours have been woven into unique patterns of threads, stripes and checkers that challenge challenge traditional of minimalism, while the rugs themselves push the boundaries of form.

“We wanted to challenge the notion that a rug is either a statement piece or something that blends into the background,” Lopez explains. “We wanted to have fun and create another point of view, where a rug can have artistic expression without overpowering a space.”

Of course, remaining true to Nodi’s values, each rug has been carefully crafted from pure New Zealand wool, known for the durability it offers pieces that sit in the high-traffic areas of commercial or residential spaces. The rugs are also available in both standard and circular shapes, making them suitable for any kind of living or dining room.

Ultimately, the Unplugged collection is about infusing our interior spaces with joy. It is about facilitating connection, creativity and inciting discussion. Offering something distinct, designed to uplift our living environments, Nodi’s new pieces are a study in the beauty of reimagining traditional form, and are set to be a welcome addition to any kind of home.


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