We round up the best podcasts to listen to this September

Whether you’re relaxing or on the go, tuning into a podcast is always a pleasant pastime, particularly if you’re in the mood for some entertainment, education, or a fresh and interesting viewpoint that challenges your perspective on the world.

We’ve rounded up the highly-anticipated and best new podcasts to listen to this September, so have your headphones at the ready, and be prepared for some excellent playlist inspiration that will have you coming back for more.

Borderline Salty
In this new, weekly call-in podcast, hosts Carla Lalli and Rick Martinez talk all things food. From their latest ingredient obsessions to their thoughts on trends, this is a show for anyone with an interest in food, whether you’re a professional, an amateur or simply love to eat.

Mother Country Radicals
Offering a deep-dive into The Weather Underground (a radical activist group from the 1960s) and its role in America’s cultural and social revolution, this podcast is a personal, politically charged exploration of those who wanted change, by any means necessary.

Look at Moi
Marking 20 years since foxy morons Kath and Kim burst onto our screens, this fun new podcast sees host Rowie Walden joined by various special acquaintances on a nostalgic trip back to Fountain Lakes to unpack one of the most iconic Australian television shows of all time. 

An exploration of the various online trends, metaverse start-ups, cryptocurrencies, get-rich-quick schemes and more defining the landscape of our digital age, this podcast looks to provide some necessarily real conversations that cut through the ‘dizzying, unending roster of 2020-era rackets.’

First Person
This new podcast from The New York Times, offers intimate, personal conversations with people living the realities behind our headlines. From a gay Ukrainian solider who must suppress his sexuality to fight for his country, to a woman’s reconciliation with abortion, this podcast is thoughtful and moving.


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