Want to work with us? We’re on the hunt for an experienced writer

We’re looking for a slick writer to join our team.

In twelve years Denizen has established itself as the go-to destination for those looking for a fix on the art of living well locally. We pride ourselves on producing unique, intelligent content that focuses on the positive, and keeps our vast audience of taste-making New Zealanders satiated and entertained.

We are currently looking for an experienced full-time writer who can produce a wide range of work — from short, sharp, witty dialogue for our website at a rapid fire pace, to executing long form in-depth articles on a variety of topics for our quarterly magazine. The suitable candidate needs to have an utter obsession with the finer things in life, living and breathing the content that we feature, and possess an understanding and affinity with luxury brands.

The applicant’s interests should be broad and include food, fashion, design, culture, travel and architecture, and they will have an unwavering desire to create engaging content, and seek out new undiscovered stories. The successful candidate will form part of an incredibly passionate and committed team who work hard, but also regularly enjoy the fruits of their labour by dabbling in the art of living well.

Applicants must have either a tertiary qualification in the field of journalism or communications, or a minimum of two years working in a role that has a strong writing focus.

Applications close 5pm Friday 14th May.

Send your application and CV to jobs@thedenizen.co.nz


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