Amanda Gorman

These excellent contemporary poetry books are both thought-provoking and inspiring

Appeal to your inner bard, or someone else’s, with a book of acclaimed poetry. Whether you pick these collections up at a whim for a bite-sized verse or get stuck in and immerse yourself, these are three luminous poetic voices to know now.

Call Us What We Carry by Amanda Gorman
Commanding the world’s attention when she read her verse ‘The Hill We Climb’ at U.S. President Biden’s inauguration, Amanda Gorman is one of the brightest poetic voices of her generation. Her debut collection Call Us What We Carry explores grief and healing, hope and identity. “For me, this book is a receptacle, a time capsule both made by and for its era,” said Gorman. “What is poetry if not a mirror for our present and a message for our future?”

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Rotten Days in Late Summer by Ralf Webb
Direct and insightful, sharp yet tender, this debut has been hailed as a vital new arrival in British poetry. Describing the complexities of life with ease, it ruminates on Webb’s formative years spent in the UK’s West Country, examining wider issues of youth and class, love, illness and death, mental health and masculinity, all with his clear-eyed prose.

Poems 1962-2020 by Louise Glück
Become immersed in the world of the quietly visionary Louise Glück with this career-spanning book. Winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature, Glück is known and loved for her sparse yet intimate writing; the intelligence and wisdom of her voice. Get to know its evolutions with this volume of the twelve collections Glück has published to date.


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