The Snow Girl. Photo: NIETE/NETFLIX.
Kaleidoscope. Photo: Clifton Prescod/Netflix.
The Lying Life of Adults. Photo: EDUARDO CASTALDO/NETFLIX.

Settle in for an evening of streaming with 8 of the best new TV series to watch now

Now that the long days are waning, and we find ourselves back in routine behaviours of workdays and school pick-ups, we find ourselves seeking entertainment from home in the evenings. It seems that producers globally are aware of this too, and have been creating an impressive schedule of new TV shows that promise to keep us thoroughly entertained. From eye-opening limited series to binge-worthy new seasons, these are the new TV series in 2023 that everybody should be watching right now.

The Last Of Us

If you’re yet to hear about last week’s episode of The Last of Us, save any spoilers until you’ve started the series. Already hailed as one of the most remarkable screen adaptations of a video game among discerning critics, it is set in post-apocalyptic America after a global pandemic destroys civilisation. A little close to home? Don’t let that put you off. This is an absolute must-watch. Streaming now on Neon and Sky Go.

Break Point

Released at the height of the southern hemisphere’s tennis season, Break Point is the new docu-series that follows some of the most extraordinary talents in the sport across the grand slam circuit. Likened to Drive To Survive for tennis enthusiasts, it is as gripping as a final itself. Streaming now on Netflix.

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street

If Jordan Belfort was the Wolf, Bernie Madoff was undeniably The Monster of Wall Street. This fascinating documentary chronicles the rise and fall of financier Madoff, orchestrator of one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in Wall Street history, who was ultimately exposed at the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. Streaming now on Netflix.

The Lying Life of Adults

Based on the best-selling novel by Elena Ferrante (My Brilliant Friend), this series takes us to 1990s Naples, where the brash and bold Aunt Vittoria helps her sheltered niece experience a different side of the city, leaving a trail of chaos in her wake. Streaming now on Netflix.


Featuring Harrison Ford at his very best, the new series Shrinking is a case against speaking the truth. Starring Jason Segal as psychologist Jimmy Laird who breaks all the rules by telling his therapy clients precisely what he thinks, this series is equal parts hilarious and moving. Streaming now on Apple TV.


Akin to the choose-you-own path Goosebumps books from our childhoods, Kaleidoscope is a more thrilling five-part series that viewers can watch in any order. Exploring the many different angles and stories behind a heist of $7billion, there are an astonishing 40,320 possible ways in which the show can be watched. Streaming now on Netflix.

Poker Face

This impressive new series ushers in a revival of the ‘case-of-the-week’ murder series, centred around Charlie Cale, a casino worker on the run following a suspicious death, encountering mysteries and solving homicides using her innate ability to detect lies. Streaming now on TVNZ+.

The Snow Girl

Based on the beloved Spanish novel of the same name, this six-episode series follows a young newspaper journalist determined to help two parents find their missing daughter Amaya, who vanishes from a parade in Málaga. Streaming now on Netflix.


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