The Friday Feed: @interiorsofnorthland is a love letter to the retro Kiwi home

Here at Denizen, we’re always on the hunt for accounts that will freshen up our feeds. And whether it’s via aspirational photos of fashion, food or design, funny memes or parodies on modern life, one thing remains constant: most successful Instagram accounts seem to focus on one very specific, very niche thing. Something that sets them apart from riff-raff of social media. And recently it’s @interiorsofnorthland that’s captured our attention.

With photos of interiors that look like something out of a bad house ad from the 80s and a bio promising ‘interiors to inspire,’ this account is a love letter to terrible 70s wallpaper, novelty bedspreads, squeaky leather sectionals, and kitchens painted in colours so bold it’s hard not to admire the original designer’s take-no-prisoners attitude. It’s an assault on the senses for anyone with any kind of taste, but it’s also pretty glorious. In a weird way, it taps into our childhood memories of visiting those quintessential Kiwi baches that felt like walking into a time capsule. And its dry captions are almost guaranteed to elicit a giggle or two.


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