Scott Eady’s latest glistening body of works toe the line between form and function

Scott Eady is an artist known for his playfulness, his works are often conceptual sculptures that play with colour — many pieces come in attention-grabbing saturated hues — texture, and humour. And yet despite his distinctive artistic style, no two Eady exhibition are ever similar, and thus they always come with an ample dose of surprise. His most recent installation, currently on display at Sanderson Gallery, is especially unexpected. Entitled Images Of Love, it is unique in that it explores many facets and purposes of art, all while making us question the relationship between decorative and practical.

The installations comprise a selection of glistening, stainless steel vases which, while obviously part of a set, are unique and attention-grabbing in their own right. While one, for example, boasts an undulating exterior reminiscent of a smooth wave, another is complete with the addition of shimmering nodules, or triangular shapes. Even the plinths which the vases are placed atop are crafted at the hands of Eady himself, via repurposed furniture from his home. The main purpose of a vase of course, despite its ornamental properties, is to house flowering blooms, and as such Eady has harnessed the talents of four different florists to create a bouquet of flowers for each.

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To round off the installation Eady has complimented his shimmering pieces with a vibrant, hand-crafted rug, which not only ties the whole collection together — its fibres pick out the flamboyant hues of the blooms perfectly— but also makes the space feel welcoming, warm and home-like.

Sanderson Gallery

Osborne Lane
2 Kent Street


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