To Hold, Choreography by Sarah Foster-Sproull

Royal New Zealand Ballet’s winter season kicks off this August with a trio of unmissable works, and we’ve got all the details

The Royal New Zealand Ballet is presenting a spectacular trio of ballets for its 2024 winter season showcase. Solace: Dance to feed your soul, in association with Ryman Healthcare, will light up stages in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch from the 1st to the 17th of August, with work by three of the world’s most innovative and celebrated artists, Wayne McGregor (Britain), Sarah Foster-Sproull (Aotearoa New Zealand) and Alice Topp (Australia).

Infra, Choreography by Wayne McGregor

RNZB Artistic Director Ty King-Wall says, “I’m looking forward with such anticipation to our Solace season, in which our dancers and audiences alike will experience the incredible capacity of dance as a language for diversity of expression, and the unbelievable physical capacity of the human body for movement.”

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Wayne McGregor’s Infra, from the Latin word for ‘below’, delivers an illuminating portrait of city life. This abstract ballet delves beneath the surface to present a moving mediation on human interactions. Infra, which premiered at the Royal Opera House in London in 2008, features twelve dancers moving through solos, duets, and ensembles, accompanied by Max Richter’s elegiac score, which mixes melancholy string melodies with electronic sounds. 

To Hold, Choreography by Sarah Foster-Sproull

Sarah Foster-Sproull’s To Hold is her fifth original work for the RNZB. It explores the intricate wonders of the human form: shape shifting, endlessly inventive. Eden Mulholland’s score adds a powerful sense of primal transformation, pushing and pulling the dancers through the space. The work is enhanced by costumes designed by Donna Jefferis, whose pieces draw inspiration from the high-fashion tailoring and pleated designs of Issey Miyake, elegantly framing the body while supporting the complex choreographic structures.

Completing the programme is High Tide, a poignant new creation by a favourite in New Zealand, RNZB alumna Alice Topp. Inspired by the music of Ólafur Arnalds, this ballet reflects on the cycles of life, touching upon themes of growth, fear, and reconciliation. High Tide examines the shadows and lights of existence, represented through the unique stage design by Jon Buswell, which transforms the space into a living sculpture, emphasising the fluid and ever-changing nature of life itself.

High Tide, Choreography by Alice Topp

Solace: Dance to feed your soul delivers a nourishing, cup-filling experience this winter, combining the creative genius of leading choreographers, composers, and designers. This season of reflection, beauty, and profound human connection, showcased through the artistry of dance, will be a highlight of the cultural calendar in 2024.

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