Podcasts to listen to now

Get your aural fix with these addictive podcast series that look at love, murder, money and television. 



Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
Best friends Alaina (an autopsy technician) and Aisha (a hairstylist)  dissect a series of murders, with weird, chilling and sometimes hilarious results.

Favourite episode: The Lululemon Murder.

The Rewatchables
New York cinephiles assess classic films to decide what makes them rewatchable, from The Devil Wears Prada to The Sixth Sense.

Favourite episode: When Harry Met Sally.

Fake Heiress
A real life Talented Mr Ripley update following Anna Delvey, the wealthy German heiress who ran up debts at New York hotels and flew in a private jet, but was actually Russian-born fashion magazine intern Anna Sorokin.

Favourite Episode: No.4. Anna starts a $22 million art foundation.

Evil Genius
British comedian Russell Kane hosts a panel that determines whether historical figures were geniuses or evil. No sitting on the fence. Whitney Houston, Fidel Castro and Queen Victoria have featured.

Favourite episode: Coco Chanel.

People read from their teenage diaries and share stories of friendship squabbles, first romances and unrequited love with an embarrassing edge in front of a live audience.

Favourite episode: Confessions of a Catholic School Girl.

What To Watch On Netflix
Discover whether a series is worth watching before you invest your weeknights and a case of wine. The hosts Dotty and Jamie Guru are often joined by series’ stars.

Favourtie episode: Sex Education.

The Sun King
Respected broadcaster David Dimbleby narrates this six-part series on the rise and rise of Australian media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. It’s Billions meets Succession.

Favourite episode: All of them!

Modern Love
Before the television series and after the New York Times column came the podcast where Hollywood stars read moving tales of love.

Favourite episode: Jake Gyllenhaal Reads Nursing a Wound in an Appropriate Setting.


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