Start scrolling these Instagram accounts to keep your spirits soaring

Just like any platform, there is the valuable content that lends a rush of inspiration, but there is also a lot of drivel in between. These are the accounts that we find entertaining and inspiring while we scroll instead of stroll

Saint Hoax – @sainthoax
The Middle Eastern artists skewers American popular culture so successfully that even Kim Kardashian follows him. “I happen to have a very quick photographic memory,” he told Vice. “When something happens in the pop world, I connect things instantly and merge many references together at once. I guess that’s why I’m able to come up with content so quickly.” More than 1.8 million followers are laughing along.

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Self-taught Photoshop artist Sidney Prawatyotin creates the best fashion collage/mash-ups ion social media. Gaga in the White House or the latest Dries Van Noten collection in supermarket aisles. No wonder Elle, Moncler and Miu Miu have all slid into his DMs for collaborations. The project started from boredom after Prawatyotin moved to LA from New York and quickly took off when his gal pal Chloe Sevigny regrammed his work.

Alyssa Kapito Interiors – @alyssakapitointeriors
The New York interior designer delivers Manhattan vibes with tailored interiors with an alabaster gleam. It’s traditional sophistication through a minimalist filter for maximum satisfaction.

Leslie Jordan – @thelesliejordan
The diminutive actor best known for playing Karen Walker’s sparring partner on Will & Grace has become social media’s unofficial ‘guncle’ during the lockdown. Jordan’s down home humour and Southern drawl make you feel good for a much-needed few seconds.

Maria Duenas Jacobs @mduenasjacobs
Take jewellery inspiration from this former Elle accessories editor turned entrepreneur. Jacobs id focusing on jewellery for children but it’s her personal take on unique pieces that puts the glint in our eye.

Insta Repeat @insta_repeat
Shining a light on the inherent replication of images that inevitably comes with the rise in popularity of social media, Insta Repeat takes a comical approach to the issue. The ironic bio “Déjà Vu Vibes. Wander. Roam. Replicate” is paired with collages that showcase an array of pictures, taken by different people, but interestingly enough, have almost identical framing, setting and even editing. 

The Big Bag Club @thebigbagclub
Poking fun at the outrageous world of fashion, while also appreciating its unique quirks, the self-proclaimed handbag fanatic behind The Big Bag Club edits fashion images to highlight the big bag trend by digitally supersizing the accessory to monstrous proportions.
Silly, but still entertaining.

Bee Influencer@beetheinfluencer
On a mission to save the world, Bee The Influencer travels the globe and documents its highly glamorous life on the gram inducing the envy of humans everywhere.


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