Comedian Chris Parker on petting zoos, style icons and felt figures

Lockdowns come and go, but the one thing that remains a constant is Chris Parker’s ability to lighten the mood via his Instagram videos — even when the alert levels won’t budge. We asked the award-winning comedian, writer and actor to get (slightly) serious about his inspirations, favourite destinations and style icons.

My personal style can be defined by: Well it’s very clear when I compare it to my boyfriend’s wardrobe that my style is very colourful. I also love clean lines, crisp silhouettes and bold colour blocking.

An unforgettable place I visited was: My boyfriend and I travelled to Lecce in the south of Italy after the Edinburgh Fringe once. A gay haven, filled with old stone buildings, kind people and great food. So much cheaper than the rest of Italy. I definitely recommend… when we can travel safely again.

An object I would never part with is: My phone. Literally addicted to it.

My favourite app is: Instagram (cliche).

The design that inspires me is: Hate to be revolting here, but honestly my partner Micheal McCabe is a designer and I love everything he makes…. Which is great because it ends up in our house. 

An indulgence I would never forgo is: Coffee, as my Aunty Sarah would put it: “It’s part of the good life.” 

If I had to limit my shopping to one neighbourhood in one city it would be: Shibuya, Tokyo.

My style icon is: Sammy Salsa @sammysalsastye. 

In my fridge you’ll always find: Forgotten containers of hummus and half a lemon.

My favourite room in my house is: My bedroom. Initially, I was nervous about the room because it didn’t get a lot of sunlight, but I’ve grown to love my cold, dark room. It’s the perfect hideaway.

I have a passion for: Felting. Deeply weird but you can buy these wool felt kits from Daiso Japan, and probably other great craft shops. Essentially you stab the wool with a needle and create these little craft creatures. It’s been a great way to pass the time in lockdown.

If price were not an issue, the one artist whose work I would collect is: Two-way tie — Henrietta Harris and Raukura Turei.

Left to Right: Henrietta Harris and Raukura Turei

The people I rely on for my wellbeing are: My partner, family and friends. My bubble is doing some great heavy lifting at the moment.

A gadget I can’t do without is: We bought an Alexa, which is crazy because Facebook is already listening to everything I do, and I don’t really need Jeff Bezos listening in too, but it’s great in the kitchen, for music, timers, conversions, the news! It does it all.

The last meal out I had that truly impressed me was: Always and forever Peach Pit on K’ Rd.

The podcasts I listen to are: Seek Treatment, Boners of the Heart and my own The Male Gayz (I don’t listen to it, but I’m desperate for a plug).

The Male Gayz Podcast

The best gift I ever received was: A glass heirloom parfum bottle from Curio Noir — it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s my most prized position. I weep when I look at it and I fear to touch it in case it breaks. 

The last music I downloaded was: My Spotify most played artists at the moment are: Chelsea Jade, Marlon Williams, Aldous Harding and Lontalius.

I have a collection of: Small felt objects I created in the first lockdown… I’m trying to get them into a museum, I think they really speak to the time. 

The grooming product I can’t live without is: Sean from Colleen Salon put me on to the Davines Sea Salt Spray for my hair. Honestly I adore it. It smells like cheap perfume in the best possible way and makes my hair look like I’ve just come from the beach.

If I wasn’t doing what I am, I would be: Running a strange petting zoo off a highway or something like that.

Image credit: Header Image: Caitlan Mitchell


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