4 of the fastest ways to get into the Christmas spirit

We know. Things can get pretty overwhelming pretty quickly at this time of year. And just when you realise Christmas has properly kicked in, you also realise you’re running about six months behind schedule. Behold four speedy ways to cast your cynicism aside and jump-start your festive fancy.

1. Get a Christmas tree
Go on. Bite the bullet. Sure, it might only be a three-week investment but the smell of pine and the fact that you actually have a place to put your slowly accumulating Christmas gifts is worth every penny. That’s not even counting the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel.

2. Search ‘It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas’ on Spotify…
Press ‘shuffle play’, start making dinner, and wait to see what happens. The comforting timbre of Michael Bublé’s voice will subliminally lure you into a state of festive acceptance.

3. Make a list of the people you need to buy presents for
It might be daunting to begin with but you’ll feel a lot more ‘in control’ once you’ve tackled this simple yet effective task. Pragmatism is key. You’ll also find that your creative juices will start flowing with some fabulous gift ideas.

4. Build a gingerbread house
This is a great excuse to do your bit for the younger ones (or not). Order your house here, flick on some Christmas tunes (see above), holster your apron and make like Martha Stewart. It’s the Christmas ritual you need in your life.


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