Long live pop — these are the four fresh artists you need to be listening to

The era of the sequin-covered, Madonna-mic-wearing popstar is transitioning into a new age with a young cohort of artists breathing new life into the genre. Creating tracks that blend glaringly honest lyrics with glistening melodies and unique beats, these are four new pop artists on the rise.

L Devine
A songwriting star, English musician L Devine is making a name for herself by doing what most in the business deem impossible: crafting catchy, radio-friendly bubblegum pop tunes that are laced with thought-provoking, intelligent lyrics. ‘Panic’ is the single we can’t get enough of right now.

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Grace Carter
Heart-wrenching music with a therapeutic beat, Carter’s soulful voice has already caught the attention of celebrities and industry heavyweights alike. Her latest single, ‘Why Her Not Me’, has us hitting the repeat button.  

Via a 90s-inspired R&B sound, Icelandic breakout popstar Glowie — real name Sara Pétursdóttir — delivers captivating hooks and feel good beats. Her body positivity message conveyed through track ‘Body’ is a notable delight. 

Role Model 
21-year-old, Tucker Pillsbury, known under the moniker Role Model, pairs soft electronics with journal-like lyrics to deliver melodic insights into his mind. From depression to failed relationships, for the LA-based artist, no subject is off the cards. We suggest starting with his single ‘Girl in New York’.


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