The first collection by Gucci’s new Creative Director, Sabato De Sarno debuts in Asia — meet ‘Ancora’

After much anticipation and plenty of speculation as to what direction Gucci would take under its new Creative Director, Sabato De Sarno, the first collection was finally unveiled in Milan for Spring Summer 24, and was received with praise by fashion fans the world over. Where De Sarno’s predecessor played with eccentricity and over-the-top showmanship to express his version of Gucci, the new Creative Director took the house back to its more understated, glamorous codes. The loud logos, eye-popping details and surprising silhouettes were swapped out for understated, chic motifs, micro-mini shapes and sleek tailoring. Now, Gucci Ancora has made its dazzling debut outside of Milan, in the vibrant city of Singapore in a grand showcase. The event, spanning two days at the Garden Pavilion of the Ritz-Carlton, was a testament to Gucci’s commitment to honouring cultural heritage, and to how this house continues to resonate on a global scale.

The venue was enveloped by the iconic red hue of Rosso Ancora, creating a stunning backdrop for the 30 carefully curated looks from the Gucci Ancora collection. Attendees included an array of distinguished guests, comprising press, VIPs, and notable figures from across the wider Asia and Asia-Pacific region, adding to the event’s grandeur.

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Not only did the display feature the Gucci Ancora collection but also, the Gucci Ancora Notte collection, a line-up of incredible evening wear by De Sarno that had been initially presented at the LACMA Art + Film Festival in November. Additionally, a curated selection of travel pieces from the renowned Valigeria collections adorned the space, adding a touch of luxury to the occasion, and pulling Gucci’s renowned heritage into sharp focus.

Gucci Ancora’s arrival in Asia underscores the brand’s dedication to expanding its global footprint while paying homage to diverse cultural influences. The showcase in Singapore serves as a testament to Gucci’s ability to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide, making a resounding statement in one of Asia’s most dynamic and joyous cities.


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