Take it back to basics with the white T-shirts every wardrobe needs

As far as wardrobe foundations go, you can’t beat a white T-shirt. Promising to deliver a crisp, clean edge to any outfit, the white tee is a must for any man, no matter how wild the rest of their style. And while it might seem a straightforward piece, trust us when we say that not all white tees are created equal. Our advice? Diversify your white T-shirt collection to ensure that you have an iteration for any occasion (and a few extras for when the one you’re wearing gets inevitably marked).

Left: Dadelszen Reno T. Right: James Perse S/S Crew from Workshop.

Start with the basics — a straightforward, plain white tee, no frills, in a slim cut. Versatile and universally flattering, this tee will look as good with your favourite day-to-day jeans as it will with your nicest suit pants. Our picks are Dadelszen’s Reno T, Workshop Denim’s Standard T or James Perse’s S/S Crew all pieces we suggest buying more than one of.

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Next, make sure you always have an oversized or monogrammed style for those times when you want to exude a relaxed look. Here, we suggest reaching for Prada’s oversized cotton T-shirt or Kuon’s oversized tucked tee, or if you want something more distinctive, turning to the likes of Balenciaga, and its Upside Down oversized T-shirt or Louis Vuitton, and its Signature 3D pocket monogram T-shirt.

Finally, for a look that is sleek but sporty, opt for white tees with a casual collar. The Adidas x Gucci cotton piquet polo is a fine example of this style, as is Louis Vuitton’s Signature Polo with embroidery.


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