Joshua Heares.

Porter James Sports Founder Joshua Heares on smart decision-making, golf and a life well designed

Having launched his label Porter James Sports only six months ago, Joshua Heares is seemingly well on the road to success. Recently chosen as an amici of Italian beer brand, Peroni, we learn a little more about the man behind the brand. 

Why did you decide to create Porter James Sports? Having worked for a decade in the advertising and branding industries, I was craving change. Clothing and fashion is something I’ve always loved and when a few opportunities presented themselves, I went after this dream. Porter James Sports is a blend between streetwear and menswear. Something really refined but also a style that isn’t unattainable. The label is only six months old, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive and for that, I’m super grateful and motivated to take this as far as I can.

Porter James Sports is all about “a life well designed” — how does this concept look in practice for your own life? One day, while employed with a “good” job I spoke to my friend and mentor (Shout out Ravi Patel) about my next steps. I was perplexed as to where I should take my career, i.e. what is my next job title? What is my dream job? He told me to forget my dream job and to design my dream day.

Ultimately this led me to the place I’m at now. A life designed exactly as I want it, working with purpose, creativity, incredible people and for the most part, on my own terms. Porter James Sports takes this a step further, with the idea of “well-designed” expressed in an aesthetic I regard as timeless.

What has been one of the biggest things you’ve learned? One of my most significant learnings is understanding the weaknesses in my own decision-making process. As a solo founder, I’ve sometimes been too quick to make decisions without consulting my peers or support network. I also think creative decisions should be slept on, at least for one night. Sometimes I find I see things completely different the next day.

What’s something you’re passionate about? A life well-designed is one that lets you play or practice golf a lot! I was a keen junior golfer and then took a bit of time off in my 20’s but I have the golf bug badly again. When I’m not working it’s pretty much all I think about.

What’s coming up next for you? At this point I’m just trying to launch my next range at the highest quality. I’m not in a rush, or chasing seasonal trends. I just want to get it right while I’m still new. Also I have a couple of global brand collaborations in the works, which should release later in the year. In a nutshell, continually asking myself how I can grow the brand correctly, irrespective of sales.


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