From animal print to velvet, which trends are worth the hype? Denizen’s Ivan Segedin breaks it down

As seasons come and go, so too does the line up of groundbreaking trends, and this winter, there is a raft of ‘looks’ being touted as the must-wear styles right now. But before we got too carried away, we consulted our in-house style savant, Ivan Segedin, who provided some valuable insight as to which of these trends is worth investment, and which is bordering on sartorial disaster.

Animal Print
“Once only sported by Nubian princes or divorced Eastern Bloc aunties, animal print is now a must for everyone, no matter what your melatonin level or marital status is. Any item of clothing, be it pants, shoes, jackets, shirts or belts in animal print is a must for your clothing rotation. My personal favourite is a leopard print shirt over black leather pants, 100% animal. Grrrrrr.  But much like double denim, double animal print should be avoided at all costs.”

Celine Menswear Spring 19 | Dior Men Fall 19 | Celine Menswear Fall 19

Velvet Suits
“In the words of the almighty George Costanza, “drape me in velvet”. Nothing says I’m the belle of the ball at social gatherings like plush velour. Throw in the added bonus of strangers’ desires to stroke the velvet -—  because who doesn’t want to get stroked more? A word to the wise though, the right colour velvet can make you look like a Greek Adonis. The wrong one can make you look like a 70s smut peddler. When it comes to velvet, what’s good for the gander is not necessarily good for the goose.”

Working style SW19 | Stella McCartney Menswear Fall 19

Combat Boots
“Once reserved for social justice warriors and feminist fun police, the combat boot has made a return to the winter wardrobe. This well-polished boot worn with a suit or trousers and a shirt will let everyone know you are in charge. There is something about having a combat boot on that makes you feel like you have a great purchase on this world. There’s also the added bonus of an extra inch in height. (For those vertically challenged, these are a great alternative to shoe lifts.) My only caution is after spending summer in loafers there are some serious logistics in putting them on and taking them off. So heed caution, these are not the boots to wear if you are planning on making a swift exit.”

Left: Dior Men Fall 19

Untucked Shirts
“To be honest, if I could spend all day everyday in an untucked shirt unbuttoned all the way down to my navel over linen drawstring pants, while wearing slides or espadrilles, I would. Which is to say if I could spend all day everyday in resortwear at a resort in a Piña colada haze, I most certainly would. In any other environment an untucked shirt should set off alarm bells. We have all seen that guy in the office or in the pub, his shirt untucked from his trousers letting the world know that he does not conform, he’s business but he is also 100 percent par-tay. The type of guy you need to avoid and not become at all costs. Unless you want to wake up reeking of rum and coke, dry ice, fake tan and regret.”

Jacquemus | Loewe Fall 19 | Louis Vuitton Fall 19

Chunky Sneakers
“Time keeps on slipping… into the future. Every day you are getting closer and closer to your golden years. To a time where you become what you promised yourself you would never become. Your Dad. Your skinny jeans and tapered trousers will be replaced by slacks. Your shirts and designer t-shirts, replaced by All Blacks jerseys. Your suit and leather jackets swapped for fleece vests. And of course, your designer shoes, boots and sneakers replaced by the formidable comfortable shoe. By this time your dad-bod belly will thankfully keep these out of your sight. Knowing what my future brings, I see no reason at this stage in my life, while I still have a bit of game left, to fast forward my shoe game 30 years. The orthopaedic dad shoe first made its appearance in 2018. And in my opinion, that’s where it should stay.”


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