Hartfield Jewellers is under fresh ownership, ushering in a new era at the hallowed boutique

For over four decades, Hartfield Jewellers has been synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and impeccable taste thanks to its unique offering of exquisite jewellery under the stewardship of Margaret Foley. With a remarkable 43 years of dedication to the boutique, Margaret, alongside her husband Brian and daughter Rebecca, has dedicated her career to bringing some of the most beautiful jewellery from around the world to her discerning clientele, and now after such an impressive tenure, it is time for her to pass on the torch. 

Enter Jodie and Luke Dick, the visionary mother-son team poised to carry the legacy of Hartfield into an exciting new chapter of luxury and style. “I have the utmost respect and admiration for the wonderful family business Margaret has created over the years,” Jodie says. “She has run it with her husband and daughter and has been able to offer some of the most exquisite jewels from luxury brands to the most discerning of clients both here in New Zealand and around the globe. I am so incredibly grateful and excited for the opportunity to carry on the family tradition with my son Luke.” 

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For this clever duo, the aim is to evolve Hartfield while remaining true to its familial roots, the pair wanting to usher in a new era at the hallowed boutique and still offer the kinds of classic pieces that Hartfield’s longstanding customers know and love. As Jodie articulates, “Luke and I recently travelled to Milan and Hong Kong to meet with our partners and have been looking at the Pasquale Bruni and Chaumet collections. Having already placed our orders, we’re focusing on showcasing pieces that range from entry level to truly special, high-end jewels.” She pauses, “We can also see that there are some untapped opportunities in the market here and so we will have a few surprises in store.”

Chaumet Jeux De Liens earrings from Hartfield
Chaumet Liens Évidence bracelet from Hartfield
Chaumet JOSÉPHINE AIGRETTE rings from Hartfield
Chaumet JOSÉPHINE AIGRETTE RING from Hartfield

Pasquale Bruni Giardini Segreti Multi Flower necklace from Hartfield
Pasquale Bruni Bouquet Lunaire Drop earrings from Hartfield
Pasquale Bruni GIARDINI SEGRETI DIAMOND LEAF earrings from Hartfield
Pasquale Bruni Rose Gold Bon Ton Quartz & Diamond Ring from Hartfield

Part of their vision, it seems, is about embracing inclusivity and accessibility without compromising on luxury. “We want to break down any barriers that people may have about luxury brands being unattainable, intimidating and formal,” Jodie expresses. “We want our clients to feel comfortable to pop in whenever they feel like it, just to have a play.”

With a keen eye for style and a passion for luxury, the duo are set to introduce fresh, innovative ideas and new pieces to the Hartfield repertoire, and as the curtains rise on this new chapter, it would seem that the legacy of Hartfield is in very good hands.



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