Our brand new issue is here, ready to buoy you into spring

Just four weeks ago, when we began production on our Spring issue, we were buoyed by a sense of comfort that we as a country had done the unthinkable and conquered the great beast that is COVID. What we’ve learned from our recent experience, is that the future really is unknowable. The only thing that is truly guaranteed, is that this pandemic will be the most defining event of our time.

But in true Denizen nature, we have soldiered on, and continued to look at the positives, celebrating the fact that, despite it all, we still have a lot to be thankful for in our little country.

Our Spring issue sees the unveiling of our inaugural Hospo Heroes award winners. After receiving more than 5,000 votes from readers, we are excited to reveal the best people, places and food that are universally loved by us all.

We also introduce an influential group of small to medium business owners and creatives; including artists, architects, chefs, fashion designers and fitness gurus, who share their inspirational stories of resilience and survival.

And, if the wanderlust is starting to take its toll, we’ve provided you with some very compelling reasons to hit the road, and tick off some great bucket list experiences to be enjoyed in our magical South Island.

Now more than ever, our fellow countryfolk need us. Our hospitality, retail and tourism sectors (to name a few) need our support. So Denizens now is the time to do everything in your power to rally the troops. Think beyond your own personal sacrifices and let your presence do the supporting. Go to that bar, meet your friends for brunch, book a local holiday, buy the dress, and for God’s sake get a haircut. Stand tall, dig deep, and know that the human spirit thrives on rebuilding, reconnecting and relaunching. 

In our Spring issue you’ll find all the inspiration you need to navigate your way around the very best people, places and enterprises that deserve your support.

Denizen is available at all good newsagents and selected supermarkets. To ensure you never miss an issue, subscribe here.


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