Colour vs Neutral: Pick your wardrobe palette and commit from head to toe

Fashion’s style spectrum is vast and varied, and within its grey areas it can be difficult to find your place. However, most of us know whether we gravitate towards a neutral palette, or more colourful pieces — or a bit of both.

A key trend for several seasons, seen on both the street style set and on the runways, is to pick one and commit head to toe. The effect is much more wearable than you would think, as it provides visual cohesion — even if you go the colourful route. And if you do, we applaud you!


From left: Louis Vuitton trousers; Dior waistcoat; Elle + Riley cashmere T-shirt; Anna Quan trousers from The Undone; Prada shirt; Cartier watch from Partridge Jewellers; Paris Texas boots from Matches Fashion
From left: Anna Quan dress from The Mercer store; Wynn Hamlyn tank top; Prada loafers; Louis Vuitton blazer; Anni Lu pearl bracelet from Workshop; Gabriela Hearst skirt from Matches Fashion



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