Celebrating 60 years of iconic jewellery, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen proves the power of family ties and timeless design

When Charlotte Lynggaard, Creative Director of esteemed Danish jewellery house Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, says it is a family company, she means it. Started by her father Ole in 1963 (who remains as founder and designer) Charlotte is joined by her brother, Soren, CEO, and daughter Sofia, who began working within the family business in recent years. Charlotte’s mother Karin remains Ole’s most beloved muse. 

Charlotte Lynggaard, Creative Director of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Now celebrating 60 years of history, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has plenty to toast (Skal!). While they’ve been an official purveyor to the Danish Royal court for over thirty years, Ole himself started working with the Danish Royal family a good twenty years earlier. A tiara created for an exhibition at the royal palace in Copenhagen in 2009 has been worn by Crown Princess Mary many times. The Midnight Tiara, of foliate design, sports leaves of silver and gold, and countless buds made from moonstones and diamond-set gold. It’s the inspiration for the brand’s Leaves collection, an array of beautifully textured, highly naturalistic pieces that range from simple silver pendants to large hoop earrings in 18K gold set with fine diamond spines, curled to look like dried leaves.

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The Midnight Tiara

Perhaps better known for its simpler gemstone pieces, the brand has a tendency towards some of the lesser-known stones available. Blush moonstone, peachy and glowing, rutile quartz — a clear stone shot through with golden needles — serpentine, a lush, green stone, and soft, pink rose quartz all feature across collections, while a double ring within the Boho range often combines two, distinct stones together to spectacular effect; dark green malachite with bright orange coral, for example, or multicoloured opal with sky blue turquoise. 

“I’m very inspired by nature. That’s where I find my peace. I go on long walks. As a jeweller, you’re always working, looking for details, always alert.” 

When it’s not flowers and leaves inspiring them, inspiration for collections still comes from nature. An elephant, its trunk raised as though showering himself with diamonds, comes in an array of pendants, brooches and charms, while the Snake collection ranges from a Medusa ring featuring an entire tangle of serpents with diamond-studded heads, to a fully diamond-set double snake choker. Elsewhere, there are entire constellations of stars rendered as earrings, acorn pendants carved from falcon’s eye, a dark variety of quartz, tiny silver egg pendants that open, and colourful handwoven rope bracelets with precious gold clasps. 

Ole Lynggaard Shooting Star Stud Earrings from Partridge
Ole Lynggaard Elephant Pendant from Partridge
Ole Lynggaard
Leaves Pendant from Partridge
Ole Lynggaard
Lotus Ring from Partridge

“When creating a new piece, we model, sketch, try things out in the workshop,” Charlotte said in a recent Instagram video. “It’s a very long process, months or years to come up with a new collection. I’m very inspired by nature. That’s where I find my peace. I go on long walks. As a jeweller, you’re always working, looking for details, always alert.” 

Celebrations for the anniversary will continue throughout the year, including special pieces, couture dresses, exhibitions, and people gathering from all over the world. But the ethos remains the same. “We want to continue doing what we do, keep it in the family, and have fun.”


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