MOD 7100

Switch up your specs with Cazal Eyewear — the iconic brand that has just landed at Parker & Co.

Choosing the right pair of optical glasses for both your face shape and your individual style is essential. Despite their practical necessity, prescription glasses should be as stylish as they are helpful to their wearers. After all, they are a piece that is put on every single day, and as such, should have the ability to enhance any look. Lucky for us then, the team at Parker & Co. (experts in the field of helping people find the perfect glasses) have stepped up their optical offering once again by welcoming an iconic brand into store. Meet CAZAL Eyewear.

Model 7100
Model 6031
Model 607
Model 7098

CAZAL is an ode to the life’s work and legacy of Cari Kalloni, a designer who revolutionised eyewear with his groundbreaking styles in the 80s. Back then, he built a cult following for his unparalleled quality, avant-garde designs, and the ways in which he married classic shapes with contemporary details that truly spoke to the individual. Today, CAZAL builds on the foundation that Kalloni built with collections of striking, original and utterly distinctive men’s spectacles that set a new standard in their category; styles befitting of a more elevated, sartorial approach but that never conform to the mainstream.

Recently joining Parker & Co.’s impressive stable of eyewear brands, CAZAL’s masculine, optical frames offer a variety of styles. Whether you seek a traditional, pared-back frame or something more statement-making and bold, there is a piece within Parker & Co.’s curated selection to suit any taste or proclivity.

That said, underpinning CAZAL’s aesthetic always is a sense of understated, timeless sophistication. These are not frames that deal with flash-in-the-pan trends. Instead, they are pieces to continue wearing year after year, season after season, with superior craftsmanship that is made to last.


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