An iconic brand for over 40 years, Pomellato should be in everyone’s jewellery collections — here, we talk to Sarah Hutchings of Orsini about why

When renowned Italian jewellery house, Pomellato, was founded in 1967, it upended the industry by introducing the concept of ready-to-wear jewels. Since then, the brand has been seen as a leader in its field, and its designs widely-sought-after as iconic collector pieces.

As Sarah Hutchings (Director of Orsini Fine Jewellery, exclusive New Zealand Pomellato stockist) says, it represents everything she loves about Italian jewellery and craftsmanship. “I fell in love with Pomellato on my earliest trips to Italy,” Hutchings explains, “and over the years I have spent so much time in its headquarters.” She continues, “every Pomellato piece is made with meticulous care by Italian craftspeople… the brand’s mission of bringing the jewel out of the safe and into the everyday embodies the attitude of the women who wear and love it; women who are self-confident, creative, sensual and unconventional.”

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Pomellato Nudo Maxi Ring from Orsini
Pomellato Nudo Earrings from Orsini
Pomellato Nudo Necklace from Orsini
Pomellato Ritratto Ring from Orsini
Pomellato Nudo Maxi Ring from Orsini
Pomellato Nudo Gelè Earrings from Orsini
Pomellato Nudo Maxi Ring from Orsini
Pomellato Nudo Lariat Necklace from Orsini

Indeed, over the years, Pomellato has become globally renowned for its unique designs that marry eye-catching colour with simple shapes and fine diamonds. Its beauty lies in the way it can be dressed up or down, depending on where it’s being worn, which, as Hutchings emphasises, makes it perfect for her New Zealand customers too.

For Hutchings, who is a jewellery and gemology expert also known for her bespoke engagement rings, Pomellato, with its versatility, stackability and striking colours is a brand that will make heads turn in any setting, and should be a staple brand in every discerning jewellery-lover’s collection.


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