Nail comfort and style with the adult’s guide to wearing a hoodie

You might laugh at the simplicity of it all, but there’s more to wearing a hoodie than simply ‘wearing a hoodie’ when you are a fully grown human. The following rules are crucial for avoiding that 90s Slipknot fan vibe.

1. Wash it
It might seem obvious, but a gentle reminder that this isn’t your old Kmart faithful from intermediate school will hopefully ensure you don’t wear it like the pre-pubescent teen you once were. You’re above that now — we hope.

2. Wear it with proper pants 
Pair with tailored pants to achieve a look that says ‘social media is my life’ but also ‘I really don’t care about it’. Accessorise with ironic eye-rolls and nerdy specs for an outfit that’s confusing in a cool way.

3. Avoid offensive graphics
This is no time to dig out the novelty hoodie you bought for a laugh before a boys trip. It’s not that funny. Go for cool logos or keep it super simple. There’s nothing like a tone-deaf sweater to help you not make friends.

4. Pair it with a coat
Wear your new hoodie underneath a trench or overcoat to add structure; bonus points if your coat is patterned for added contrast. 

5. Keep it in context
Don’t, for the love of God, think that it’s fine to chuck a hoodie over everything. This isn’t a free-for-all. Having a shirt collar visible underneath a hoodie is way less ‘daddy’ and way more ‘dad’ (big difference).

6. Know your limitations
If you’ve tried to make a hoodie work to no avail, you won’t be any less of a hero if you call it quits. The street-meets-formal look is an acquired taste, and it doesn’t suit everyone. There’s no point in disregarding your own unique style to partake in a trend. In short, stick to your guns.

From left: World stamp sweatshirt from Louis Vuitton; C&M Sadie hoodie from Superette; Hooded dress with GG apple print from Gucci
From left: We11done oversized hoodie from Net-a-Porter; Autumn cashmere sequin hoodie from Muse Boutique; Printed logo sweatshirt from Gucci
From left: Classic hoodie from Checks Downtown; M Red Box pullover hoodie from Superette; Workshop Denim pullover hoodie from Workshop; Printed hoodie from Prada;


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