Four of the best apps to wake up by

How much is another ‘snooze’ worth to you? Because these four apps will reduce that value to nothing. From being blasted by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to partaking in an informative chit-chat with a stranger on the other side of the world, surely one will become your preferred method of rising without further ado.

How’s about the sound of cold hard cash being debited from your account to stir you from your slumber? Becuase with iCukoo, you will donate money directly to a charity every time you hit snooze. All you need to do is set your price and the charity of your choice before pronouncing that your ongoing slumber is turning you into a good samaritan.

How about waking up to the voice of a very real sexy Spaniard on the other end of the line? Walkie allows you to set any topic at any time of the day, before jumping into a voice call with an appropriate person at an appropriate time, from anywhere around the world. Heck, if you don’t hang up on them within the first millisecond, you might soon have a new best friend. 

The Rock Clock
Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! This ‘motivational’ alarm clock from Project Rock will likely have you perching nervously on the edge of your bed come 5.59am. You’ll wake up every day with a new message from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. It could be aggressive shouting from the weights corner of the sweat farm, OR — if he’s feeling kind — a comforting serenade. Either way, it’s time to get up and get after your goals. No excuses.

Walk Me Up
Pure genius; only WALKING dismisses this alarm (yes, it’s an extremely effective pain in the derriere). Stemming from the crude initiative to leave your phone on the other side of the room, thus having to physically get up to switch it off, Walk Me Up allows you to customise the number of steps you need to take before the alarm switches off while keeping by your side throughout the night. 


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Courtyard House by Robson Rak Architects

We’ve yet to come across an abode touched by the genius that is Robson Rak Architects that doesn’t make our hearts beat a little faster. The Courtyard House in Melbourne is yet another example of the studio’s superior prowess when it comes to flow and function that doesn’t, not even for a second, sacrifice on sophistication. Tucked behind the unassuming facade lie a mix of luxurious materials and practical detailing. The brief called for a complete modernisation and refit of an 80s home where the discerning client wished for a restrained palette and a strong connection with nature, and boy did the studio deliver. And while we’ve swooned over pretty much every corner of the home, what we love the most perhaps is the cellar that features leather banquette seating with a low window looking out to the courtyard… ensuring the fruit of the vine is protected from sunlight while allowing the imbiber to remain in touch with the outdoors.


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Karen Walker jewellery’s Magic Hands

Karen Walker shows off her latest collection in truly Advanced Style.

It’s hard to deny the cult appeal of Karen Walker jewellery, hence our swift response to the mention of some new-look pieces on the horizon. Thankfully, we can inform you that the latest drop of must-have bijoux is more covetable than ever, their release coinciding with a striking new campaign by the name of Magic Hands.

No stranger to the practice of pooling creative efforts, Karen Walker’s latest collaboration employs the age-embracing ethos of Advanced Style photographer, Ari Seth Cohen. Indeed, Seth Cohen shot the Karen Walker Jewellery on some seriously characterful hands — the fingers of his ‘West Coast ladies’ who are a posse of pianists, fashion designers, and former ballet stars. The edgy, expressive and elegant models demonstrate their personal compilations of new Karen Walker Jewellery alongside classics including arrow rings and filigree bands.

Retro yet at the same time futuristic, the Star City collection draws its inspiration from the sky — an assemblage of precious stones alongside star and arrow motifs that are a nod to the 1960s Space Race between the Soviet Union and the USA. The theme is captured by Karen Walker’s trademark star motifs which can be found on earrings, a pendant and a matching ring, seen alongside her iconic, omnipresent arrows. 

The capsule collection includes new designs for both Karen Walker Jewellery and Karen Walker Diamond that perfectly capture the fierce independence of the girl these pieces tend to attract. Needless to say, we’re succumbing to these bold celestial accessories.

New additions to Karen Walker Jewellery collections arrive in-store on Thursday 1st September 2016.


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The Archive Wine Bar by Denis O’Connor

Archive Bar and Bistro

In a case of life imitating art, Waiheke Island's newest addition has a rather unique story behind it.

While strolling through Waiheke’s Headland Sculpture on The Gulf last year, our minds were dominated by thoughts of artistic intentions, juxtaposition and all those highly philosophical musings one is meant to have in such a situation (cough). When Robyn Jones, co-owner of Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant, took to that same art trail, however, her first thought was, “I could turn that sculpture into a bar.”

The piece that snagged her attention, ‘The Archive Wine Bar’ by local artist Denis O’Connor, was created to honour the island’s extensive viticultural history. Allowing the work to realise its potential on a totally new level, Jones relocated the sculpture to her hillside vineyard after the exhibition closed, built a restaurant around it and has recently opened it up to the public as The Archive Bar and Bistro.

Looking at the eatery as it sits now you’d never know, because perched alongside the popular Mudbrick Winery, Archive holds its own. Essentially a glass box with a pitched canvas roof, the uncomplicatedly striking design means that the place can be totally opened up on sunny days or battened down and heated by a stone fire in the not-so-nice weather. And, capitalising on the vineyard’s expansive views over the island and out to sea, the all-weather build means that unlike some other wineries, we won’t have to wait until summer to pay a visit.

With a more relaxed menu than big sister Mudbrick, Archive caters to all, from platter people to long-lunchers. Serving honest food with flair, the bistro elevates classic dishes with refined touches, like drizzling its market fish with an intense jamón and anchovy brown butter, or gently cooking beef cheeks for eight hours before landing them in front of diners in a puddle of earthy carrot and cumin purée. Heck, even the fries have had a Mudbrick makeover, served piping hot with a burnt onion emulsion. Ah, we’ll take two.

The Archive Bar and Bistro gives you options, and when on a getaway to Waiheke, that’s just what we want. Open 7 days from 10am until late, it’s a place that works for a wine and nibble, but holds the potential to transition into an all-night affair. Giving us yet another reason to pop over to Waiheke for a weekend, Mudbrick’s new addition has our attention.

126 Church Bay Road
Waiheke Island

(09) 372 9050

Bon Vivant

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Devon on the Wharf

Exquisite Mediterranean fare served as close to the water as it gets.

Devonport. If house prices and handbags are anything to go off, this coastal nook sits as one of Auckland’s finest suburbs. A prestigious postal code, littered with organic eateries, owner-operated boutiques and an inordinate amount of bumbag toting tourists, the one thing that has always seemed a little off to us has been the wharf. A sad shed perched on the end of a pier, the old building looks as if it has been ousted by the village and is threatening to jump. So, we couldn’t be happier that after decades spent slumping into architectural depression, it has finally been given a reason to be, thanks to new eatery, Devon On The Wharf.

Opening Thursday, 25th August, the all-day brasserie is making the most of its unparalleled location with unique offerings morning, noon and night. From the eye-watering hour of 5.30am, the eatery’s grab-and-go kiosk will roll out fresh-pressed juices, house roasted coffee and a selection of packed lunches for time-pressed nautical commuters. Meanwhile, in the main restaurant (at a far more leisurely pace), a full breakfast menu will delight, with dishes like blueberry pancakes, multi-grain porridge and truffled scrambled eggs on a crusty Turkish bagel.

The day continues in a similar pattern with the other side of the kiosk seamlessly transitioning into a cold stone ice cream counter as the restaurant moves on to lunch and then dinner menus. With a Mediterranean slant, the food draws from the sea and can be enjoyed any way you wish, with platters, souvlakis and Turkish pides all featuring on the extensive carte. Owners Alex Isik and Nigar Ivgen, the husband and wife duo behind the ever-expanding Nazar Group (Nomad, Deco, Bodrum Kitchen), pull their Turkish heritage into play too, with our attention being unwaveringly drawn to the baklava plate; a sticky serving of paper-thin filo pastry cakes, overflowing with pistachio and walnut ice cream. Drool.

Every detail of the space is considered, from the patterned concrete blocks and bespoke furnishings to the spearmint green wrap that encases the coffee grinders. “Little things make a big point,” shrugs Isik when discussing the detail, and it’s evident by how many people pop their head in to ask when they are opening that he’s right. Catering to the tourists, commuters and locals in one fell swoop, it seems the pier need fear no more, because Devon On The Wharf is exactly what it has been waiting for.

Devon on the Wharf

Devonport Wharf
Queens Parade

Bon Vivant

This is the personalised cocktail service you need at your next event

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Introducing the A new breed of urban transport

This new breed of urban transport is offering a clean, green and style-saving kind of commute.

If you haven’t already noticed, e.bikes are undoubtedly gaining traction as a mode of transport for urbanites on the go. Having undergone some serious technological advancements, the latest generation electric bicycles have been finessed into some ultra-smart breeds giving rise to the trend of taking to the streets on two wheels. With Auckland’s increasing urban density and incessant car commuting woes, the argument for getting away from behind the (steering) wheel and onto an is becoming more and more pertinent for forward-thinking, style-conscious urbanites.

Arguably, one of the biggest advantages to the movement is the fact that you really don’t have to sacrifice style at all. Not only are dresses, skirts and heels completely appropriate (likewise, a business suit) but the multitude of customisation options means there’s an for everyone. By opting to turn the motor on at any given time (especially when faced with a steep incline), you’ll forego havin g to mop your brow upon entry to the bureau while renouncing the tiresome efforts of constantly running a car. Fair to say, the benefits are many and don’t stop short of doing your bit for the environment either.

What’s more, this clean, green and renewable way of getting around, comes in at approximately a very modest 10 cents per 100kms. So with the prospect of freedom in your sights — think zipping down bus lanes while you leave gridlocked comrades and wafts of eau de parfum in your wake — and companies like Mercury getting on board to incentivise those who opt to ride an, consider it your civil responsibility, nay, your duty, to do your part.

This competition has now closed. We regret to advise that an incorrect competition close date was published in the Spring 2016 issue of Denizen Magazine. We sincerely apologise for this oversight. We will be sure to keep you informed of any future EBike promotions.


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NZFW 2016 with the new Samsung Galaxy Note7

The proliferation of international fashion cognoscenti clutching the increasingly ubiquitous plus-sized phone has us reconsidering the place of this previously niche XL device. No longer the exclusive domain of tech-obsessed creatives, Samsung’s launch of their new Note7 has put a spotlight on the functionality and size of our phones — and, naturally, the people who are using them. With the brand’s revered suite of features honed even further and applied to the latest and greatest Note (including water resistant practicality and the most brilliant phone camera we’ve come across by far) — the almost unavoidable question has been proposed: can we go bigger too? With the most important event on the New Zealand fashion calendar taking place this week, the obvious answer is ‘why not?’

So, along with newly appointed Samsung x NZFW ambassador Jaime Ridge, we’ve made like proper fashion bloggers – pounding the pavement and hitting up shows with our new Note7’s in tow to bring you the best looks of the week. Herewith, our shots from Day 1 & 2 of NZFW 2016, stay tuned for more ‘outfits of the day’ presented with the new Note7.

Samsung is an official partner of New Zealand Fashion Week. Throughout Fashion Weekend, guests are invited to stop by the Samsung Galaxy Note7 Zone, where complimentary one-on-one contouring sessions with a professional makeup artist will be on offer. Samsung will also be unveiling a Note7 Waterwall installation, showcasing the smartphone’s water resistant functionality. For more details on Samsung’s Note7, click here


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The Melt

If you're lactose intolerant, avert your gaze now.

We’ve got one word for you: Raclette. I.e. quite possibly the best thing that gastronomy has ever given this world. And if you’re not familiar with the typical Swiss dish of grilled cheese scraped straight off the wheel (usually overtop roast potatoes), we suggest you take a leaf out of our dairy-inclined book and promptly track down hedonistic new pop-up, The Melt.

As the first to be serving the cheesy delicacy in New Zealand — the owners, Jay and Claudine Avante, got the idea from a relative who witnessed it during a visit to London — it’s no wonder they’ve gone through over 120kg of the good stuff since setting up shop a little over two weeks ago. Having hit the ground running at Auckland’s Street Eats festival, the team are serving the gloriously glossy and bronze melted goodness in a variety of ways.

Literally drawing gasps from onlookers as he scrapes off the top few layers of his half-wheels of cheese (that have been bubbling away on the specialty Swiss-imported grill for several minutes), Jay is fully in charge of the molten Manuka smoked cheddar mess that artfully slides over freshly prepared sandwiches and potato wedges. The latter is served with pickles and lardons while the sandwiches are a choice of saucy meatballs or grilled steak. We admit, it’s not diet food, but boy does it taste good.

Beyond the spellbinding process itself, practical measures have been put in place to facilitate The Melt’s inception. Avante admits there were barriers to starting; cheese, it turns out, is expensive and so is the equipment necessary. But with his new-found following growing exponentially, we expect this pioneer on the local cheese scene to blossom into a fully-fledged gourmand’s delight. For now, we’ll take what we can get, traveling to Auckland’s more far-flung suburbs in order to track down this raclette-proffering red trailer at its various market hotspots.

Find out where The Melt will be via Facebook or Instagram


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This new Miann opening is bringing the sweet life to Ponsonby Central

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Te Ara I Whiti Light Path
E von Dadleszen
M11 Studio
MoVida Pop-Up
Oyster & Chop
Gemmayze Street
Westhaven Promenade

The Ultimate Auckland itinerary

Whether you're in town for Fashion Week or hoping to impress visitors, look no further.

Here for a good time, not a long time? We’re only too happy to share a few of our favourite things that you’d be remiss to miss during your time in our charming city…

1. Fancy a little retail therapy? Make your way to Ponsonby’s Mackelvie Street for an assortment of coveted NZ designers like Lonely, Deadly Ponies, The Shelter, Workshop and many more. And if you find yourself a little peckish afterwards, stop in at The Blue Breeze Inn or head to the Ponsonby institution that is SPQR for an espresso martini and a chat with some of the city’s movers and shakers.

2. Heading to Britomart? To make the most of your time in our beloved CBD precinct, book an appointment at E von Dadelszen, visit the new Chanel boutique, pop into Amano bakery for a buffalo milk flat white before checking out The Social Kitchen by Fisher & Paykel at Takutai Square. While you’re there, don’t leave without heading to the MoVida pop-up at City Terrace for some seriously delectable tapas available for a limited time only.

3. Not sure where to eat? Tuck into the Godfather of weekend lunches at Baduzzi or if you’d rather wine and dine by the water, the new look Soul Bar is for you. For dinner, head to The Grove and do not (we mean it!) leave without sampling the seasonal soufflé. Or, if you fancy a Japanese meal of epic proportions, head to Azabu followed by cocktails at the Roji bar where delicious Pisco cocktails await. You also cannot go wrong with a meal at the harbourside stalwart that is Euro.

4. Spend an evening on the infamous K’ Road. Kick it off with an early evening stroll along the pink Light Path followed by dinner at the very cool, elevated Lebanese eatery Gemmayze Street, and a cocktail at 69 before opting in for some late night revelry at Neck of The Woods.

5. For a spot of culture, you can’t go wrong at the Auckland Art Gallery.

6. For a little air and a hell of a view, make the most of the crisp evenings with a walk along the Westhaven Promenade designed by none other than one of our Denizen heroes Henry Crothers.

7. Take the ferry to Waiheke Island and spend the afternoon at Cable Bay Vineyards. Whatever the weather, you’re sure to find a spot by the fire or on The Verandah to install oneself for the day.

8. Treat yourself to a blow-wave or try the signature scalp treatment at M11 Studio.

9. Visit the Auckland Domain for a wander around the Wintergardens.

10. Give stress the shrug off with a sunrise or sunset yoga session at the newly minted True Food & Yoga studio overlooking the sparkling Waitemata Harbour on the gorgeous and winding Tamaki Drive.


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One boot to rule them all

Step right up, gentlemen. Your search for a sophisticatedly versatile shoe ends here.

Because rugged boots won’t cut it with your favourite suit, it’s time you met the one boot to rule all future sartorial ensembles — the Indra Strap Jodhpur by lauded Haute menswear label E. von Dadelszen. With a firm footing as the go-to shoe when donning everything from deal-signing attire to a smart casual number, the jodhpur boot may have been born out of a need for a functional alternative to one’s knee-high riding footwear, but it reigns supreme today for its immense versatility and sleek silhouette.

Naturally, as with all exquisite artisanal specimens, the Indra Strap Jodhpur is made by the best in the business, in Italy, where it is painstakingly treated to a 186-step process from commencement to completion over the course of at least 32 hours. Made from Italian calf leather in a mysteriously handsome, Smoke Grey hue, every tiny detail has been considered and given the time and attention it deserves; from the handpainted, oak bark tanned leather sole down to the Goodyear welting and the use of the ‘Revolver Barrel’ heel nailing technique for utmost durability.

To obtain a perfect made-to-measure pair in a colourway and texture of your choosing, peruse the wide portfolio of tinctures and materials as well as detailing available in store. Regular maintenance with Saphir Médaille d’Or products is recommended. Each pair comes complete with a lasted pair of wooden shoe trees to keep your personalised pair unphased by the decades to come.

The Indra Strap Jodhpur boot is available in store and online at E. von Dadelszen

E. von Dadelszen

Level 1
34 Customs Street East
Buckland Building
Auckland CBD
(Access is from Gore Street)


Step into spring with these stylish, easy-to-wear slides

The world’s most desirable luxury activewear brand, Moncler opens its Auckland boutique

The new sleepwear collaboration between Papinelle and Karen Walker is in bloom