A Unique Approach: This personalised facial has our skincare woes solved

I’m usually lucky in the skin department, often blessed with a blemish-free mug that stands resilient despite my haphazard skincare routine and inability to refrain from anything sugary, salted or smothered in chocolate. Lately, however, it seems my skin’s just about had enough: it’s thrown in the towel and I’ve since noticed a much drier texture and an unsightly problem area around my chin. It turns out the old ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ adage rings true, and I’ve been left in turmoil, regretting the lack of effort on my side of the partnership.

I figured it was high time I gave my unappreciated skin a little bit of TLC, with no time more fitting than the days following a long weekend of overindulgence and sun exposure, (one final hurrah, as it were). When searching for the poor sod who would carry out the task of apologising to my face, there was only one name that came to mind. I’d heard many a great thing about The Facialist, its bespoke facial especially, and upon even further recommendation, I decided to give them a whirl.

I arrived at The Facialist — located in City Works Depot — and was met by a wonderfully soothing aroma lingering around a duo of plush couches swathed in pink cushions and blankets. My relaxation was immediate, and my morning work woes began to melt away as easily as I melted into the beckoning sofa. Upon filling out a quick form briefly describing any skin issues and such, I was introduced to Felicity, my facialist for the day, and ushered into the adjoining treatment room.

From here, I was immersed into an hour of what can only be described as pure bliss. The treatment began with me getting tucked into a heated bed, and as I softened into the sheets, my face was cleansed, massaged, soothed and steamed serving up a state of relaxation I wasn’t quite sure I’d experienced before. In fact, I found myself shuffling slightly at random intervals in a bid not to fall asleep — I’m not usually a snorer per se, but in these conditions, you can never be too careful.

Following the treatment, Felicity met me out by the plush couches with a cool glass of water dosed with The Beaty Chef Collagen in one hand and my prognosis in the other. My skin, she explained, was naturally clear but suffering from a bit of dryness, as I had already been aware. Unbeknownst to me, however, was the spots of Milia that dotted the top of my cheeks. Felicity described them in detail to me before explaining that, while they did offer treatment for them, I could easily leave them be if I wanted to. From here I was recommended a variety of suitable products, given a more detailed skin prescription to take home and waved goodbye with a smile.

As I left, dewy, radiating face in tow, I felt thoroughly informed and helped by a professional, and not in the least bit pressured to return or to purchase any products — which only made me want to return more.  As for the problem area? It was still there, of course, but the blemishes were fainter and seemingly only a day or two away from disappearing altogether. For those interested in trying the treatment themselves, we’re offering one lucky Denizen the chance to win a Bespoke Facial, courtesy of The Facialist. For more information and entry, click here.

This competition has now closed.

The Facialist

Shed 16
City Works Depot
2-16 Sale St

09 337 0023



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