The supplements optimising our brains for the modern world

While there is an abundance of supplements on the market that intend to provide a calming, restorative return to homeostasis, the recently-launched offering by BioKodeLab considers how we can elevate our everyday state of being to meet the constant demands of the current world and excel without compromising our health and wellbeing. Through three delicious, easy-to-take products, the benefits of these new products are impressive, and (as I discover) far deeper than anything else of this kind I have tried before. 

BioKodeLab was born from a quest for optimisation that grew from the innovative minds at Fonterra, where Sales and Marketing Disruption Director Carl MacInnes began by asking how they could use their collective knowledge to change the future of brain health. After all, it’s no secret that we’re constantly under pressure to perform. In a world driven by a demand for more, and how we now have to keep up with the likes of AI, computers and robots, it’s hardly surprising that we’re collectively burning ourselves out — big time, MacInnes explains to me.

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“So we went about asking ourselves, what is the fundamental thing we can do to change people’s lives?,” he shares. “How do we help humans perform better? How do we help our bodies to live and thrive in the modern world?”

That question prompted a deep dive into the effects of daily exposure to blue light and whether there was a simple way to effectively combat those effects. Blue light is something we are all increasingly exposed to, whether via the computers we use for our desk jobs (eight hours in front of a screen can’t be good for anyone) or the late nights we spend scrolling on social media (we know it’s bad, but we do it anyway). Not only is this leaving us chronically tired, but it disrupts our natural circadian rhythms — the body’s innate function that deciphers between night and day, basically telling us when we should be awake, and when it’s time to sleep.

BioKodeLab Probiotic Plus & Calm Plus

And excessive exposure to blue light does more than just hurt our eyes. It is capable of impacting mood, cognition, and sleeping habits and contributing to those secondary strains of headaches and computer-associated neck and back pain. “Our understanding of blue light’s impacts just keeps growing,” MacInnes explains. Internationally, some governments are even beginning to regulate blue light, with China restricting how many hours children can be exposed to blue light strain.

For this reason, the team at Fonterra created its own, innovative Pro-Sight™ filter — an ingredient bundle included in all BioKodeLab products to tackle the depleting effects of blue light on our bodies’ essential functions. This, MacInnes tells me, was the baseline on which the more specific BioKodeLab benefits were layered, with each product designed to address different issues. Carefully formulated with a potent mix of high-quality dairy and plant ingredients, BioKodeLab’s products are unlike anything else, and are putting research and cutting-edge science at the forefront.

For the user, BioKodeLab products are made to be stacked. “First we protect, and then we build,” MacInnes shares. Each product takes an area that high-performing people are known to struggle with and offers targeted ingredients to address it. Be it Focus Plus (a tropical flavoured powder that can be mixed in water, using ThinkSharp™ for alertness and clarity) for those who find themselves bending backwards to meet their job’s mental demands or Calm Plus (a similar powder with a delicious berry taste, using StresLes™ for mood and stress support) for those who need some assistance with their stress response. Probiotic Plus is another welcome addition in simple, daily capsules, formulated to support the digestion and immune health, which has been proven essential for our collective wellbeing. MacInnes confesses it is one of his favourites, too, for ease of taking. But he also stacks the products depending on what he wants to target, which (he tells me) allows him to make the most of the benefits.

BioKodeLab Focus Plus

There is certainly an argument to be made that one might gain the same benefits from consuming whole foods, but you would have to drink 1.3 litres of milk to get the same amount of beneficial phosphatidylserine (one of the key ingredients for supporting cognitive function) as you would from a single serve of Focus. And that doesn’t even consider the other essential nutrients these supplements provide (personally, I’ve been noticing a number of significant benefits after only two weeks of taking them). With a background grounded in research and development of the highest calibre, each supplement is formulated to meet the right clinical dose to address our current needs. As MacInnes says, “Science is trusted. People deserve products that can be trusted.”

Given that BioKodeLab’s products have only just launched, it feels premature to ask what is next — but as MacInnes shares, he is most excited about where BioKodeLab goes from here. Whether it’s developing new flavours or diving deeper into their research of the human psyche. As part of charting your progress with the supplements (which is recommended, as lovers of hard data), BioKodeLab’s interface will host a range of key assessments you can undertake at your leisure that start to map the human brain and stack you up with how your strengths and qualities compare to others in your field. It all sounds a touch dystopian, but we would be lying if we said it didn’t excite us for the realm of possibilities to come. For now, we’ll continue to drink our delicious daily supplements. They have us feeling great, and is there anything more we could ask for?


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