This utterly relaxing anti-cellulite treatment is the perfect summer prep

Cellulite is perfectly normal. However, that doesn’t mean we have to be delighted by its presence on our legs. Thankfully, Spring Spa‘s innovative Guam treatment is here to focus on banishing that orange peel look just in time for summer.

Combining an original blend of scrub, clay mask and massage, the seaweed scrub — an intertwining of traditionally harvested seaweed and marine concentrates — promotes circulation and stimulates a physiological change in the fat cells, while the succeeding Guam clay mask cleanses and tightens to an almighty degree. The best part? You are treated to a relaxing massage of your choice as the clay is left for a full forty minutes to work its magic.

With a serenity-inducing motive at the helm of all stages, each part of the process feels more like a blissful spot of R&R as opposed to necessary body maintaining. At once, the treatment leaves behind a smoother, tighter appearance of the legs and behind, a noticeable reduction in dimples and an utter state of tranquillity — creating a jack of all trades treatment that we can wholly get on board with.


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