Riedel Decanter Amadeo Fatto a Mano and Wine Glasses.

Update your glassware and accessories with our picks from The Studio of Tableware’s epic sale

In the frenzied rush of modern life, it is easy to overlook the beauty and poetry of the everyday. Yet, in The Studio of Tableware’s current sale, one can find a small oasis of artistry and elegance amidst the cacophony of the mundane. Here, in this corner of the retail world, wine and beer glasses become more than just vessels of purpose and instead, become vehicles of culture and tradition. In fact, this sale promises not just discounts (with 20% off everything wine and beer related, and specials up to 60 percent), but the opportunity to cut to the heart of the libations for which they have been designed, to celebrate their complexity and history.

As such, our editors have earmarked their must-have items in this covetable sale, and we’d suggest getting in quickly while the prices are still hot.

Wine Glasses

Today’s wine glasses are not simply vessels for holding and consuming wine, but rather, are carefully designed pieces that enhance and elevate the entire experience of drinking. From sleek and modern designs to ornate and traditional styles, these wine glasses are canvases upon which the artistry and creativity of their makers can be expressed.

Beer Glasses

From classic pint glasses to more avant-garde designs, beer glasses are a testament to the evolving tastes and preferences of the modern drinker, while also paying homage to the rich history and culture of beer brewing. Whether adorned with intricate patterns or more understated, this coveted selection offers a glimpse into the ever-evolving landscape of beer drinking and appreciation.


With ornate and intricate designs and sleek and modern styles, decanters offer a tangible reminder of the intricate processes involved in the creation of fine wine. Crafted from both crystal and glass, these decanters stand as a testament to the importance of tradition, artistry, and the delicate nuances of flavour and aroma that define the world of wine.

Wine Coolers

The wine coolers that command our attention are not just utilitarian appliances, but rather carefully designed pieces that seamlessly integrate into a home’s aesthetic while also preserving the quality and flavour of the precious bottles they hold. From sleek and minimalist designs to more ornate and opulent styles, these elegant pieces are a reflection of the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of the modern wine enthusiast.

Bar Accessories

The latest in bar accessories exemplify the myriad ways in which form and function intersect. From elegant and practical bottle openers to whimsical and playful coaster sets, these accessories offer a tangible reminder of the creativity and innovation inherent in the world of drinking and appreciation.


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