Cleanliness and consideration are front and centre with this eco-minded laundry offering

It’s only fitting that one of the most important ways for us to start living a cleaner life should begin in the laundry. Sustainability has become a priority for those looking to install efficient appliances in new developments or upgrade their existing washing machines and dryers to reduce the impact on the planet and their bills.

The number of people thinking green when it comes to washing their whites and colours has grown significantly in the past decade, according to Martin Cross, director of Parnell appliance specialist Kouzina.

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“Everyone is very aware of climate change and environmental issues, so there is an overwhelming demand for brands to step up and support sustainable lifestyles,” Cross says. “We have noticed that our clients at Kouzina increasingly wish to improve their environmental and social footprint.”

Having stepped up and perhaps taken the lead in this arena is the family-owned Miele, joining the United Nations Global Compact and implementing a sustainability strategy that starts at the point of manufacturing and follows through to when you retrieve that solitary sock from the dryer. 

“They aim to avoid materials which can’t be recycled together, limit the number of raw materials used and mark plastic components for correct future recycling,” Cross says.

Technology is also lending a greater green hand with machines functionality factoring in their impact on the environment.

“A great feature you will see on the Miele washing machines displayed in our showrooms is the TwinDos system, which automatically dispenses up to 30 per cent less detergent,” Cross says. “Also in times of water restrictions the Automatic Load Recognition comes into its own because it adjusts water and energy consumption to the minimum amount required.”

Other features, including the honeycomb drum design which enhances the longevity of garments and informative EcoFeedback displays informing the user of potential energy consumption and water usage mean that Miele’s washing machines are currently 63 per cent more efficient than models from 2000.

The fact that Miele produces New Zealand’s only 10 Star 8kg dryer, the TCE 630, speaks to its commitment to constructive innovation. Across their range of products EcoDry technology delivers consistently low energy consumption and improved drying times.

It looks like a clean start in our laundry is a better finish for our planet.

Available at Kouzina Appliances


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