Take a step offline and pick up something more tangible, like our new autumn issue — out now

There’s no doubt that we’re more connected now than ever before. But this connection has brought with it enslavement to the digital onslaught, resulting in us being at the beck and call of our mobile devices. When was the last time you had dinner with a friend, phones switched off and tucked into bags? When was the last time you immersed yourself in a new, hands-on hobby or curled up on the sofa with a dog-eared novel in hand?

In our brand-spanking new autumn issue we’ve taken a much-needed step offline, and we encourage you to follow suit. Within its glossy pages, you can expect to be taken on a journey through the renaissance of handmade ceramics and the death of the landline telephone. We’ll delve into the story behind some of the biggest players making waves in the CBD realm right now and highlight some of the lesser-known artists, health professionals, therapists, fashion designers and style icons we think are worthy of recognition as having ‘real influence.’ A lavish, Gucci-laden photoshoot is enough to give anybody dinner table envy in our coveted section, while our final pages round the magazine out with an exposé of sorts, lifting the lid on the lesser-known, quieter, more reflective side of one of the biggest cities in the world: Tokyo.

So put down your phone and immerse yourself in something a little more tangible, we say. Denizen’s autumn issue, of course, should be first on your list.

Pick up a copy from a decent newsagent near you, or click here to subscribe. 


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