Flexible style: How to wear athleisure without looking like a try-hard

The whole wearing-activewear-while-not-doing-anything-active trend is something that it’s taken some convincing for us to get on board with. And now that it’s been mainstream for a while, it’s a movement that has started to feel a little stale.

Don’t get us wrong, the idea that we can get away with wearing clothes that are comfortable and practical on a day-to-day basis is great. But we’re sick of watching it cause individual style to morph into a spandex-clad, homogeneous version of its former self.

Now that Spring is around the corner and we inevitably start thinking more about how we can fit exercise into our daily routines, there is a growing impetus to find ways to dress that are casual (without looking like we’ve just rolled out of bed), versatile and easy to transition from a morning walk to a coffee date to work. Athleisure, therefore, is a logical look to start embracing.

So, in a bid to cultivate a wardrobe of athleisure pieces that will do their job while still allowing us to express our individuality and not fade into the (Instagram) crowd, we have looked around to find pieces that fit the athleisure mould, but in a more refined way.

Left to right: Ganni Isoli sweatshirt from Workshop, Ragdoll LA Vintage sweatshirt from Superette, Oversize sweatshirt with Gucci Tennis from Gucci
Clockwise from top left: Adidas x Alexander Wang AW Body Run sneakers from Workshop, Dior Fusion high-top sneakers from Dior, Iro Paris Curve Raw sneaker from Superette International, Jil Sander Connors sneaker from Muse Boutique, LV Archlight Sneaker from Louis Vuitton
Left to right: Technical nylon leggings from Prada, P.E. Nation Strike short from Superette, Ernest Leoty Romy corset top from MATCHESFASHION, Ribbed bralette from Georgia Alice, Cotton canvas and plexiglass visor from Prada, No Ka’oi overcome striped stretch shorts from Net-A-Porter


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