Give your eyelashes a natural lift with the Yumi Lash treatment

For a little extra oomph, this keratin infused treatment is worth a try.

In the continuous quest for longer, more luscious lashes, we recently stumbled across a treatment that has made its way to our shores, all the way from France. And if there is anything we can count on, it’s that the Parisians know a thing or two about minimalist beauty. So it didn’t take much convincing to give it a whirl.

Known as a Yumi Lash lift, the treatment essentially works in three steps; a keratin serum to lift the lashes, another to hold them in place and then, for the final touch, they are tinted, leaving them looking darker and more prominent. It’s not a perm and they’re not extensions, what it is, is currently the most natural way to enhance what you already have. The treatment takes approximately 75 minutes and can last up to 10 weeks — the natural life-cycle for eyelashes, depending on how well you care for them.

Available at Spring Spa and East Day Spa, your session will begin with a steaming hot cup of herbal tea and a glass of water as your technician talks you through the process. Once you’ve discussed the look you’re going for — I have naturally long and curly lashes so I opted for a subtle lift — you lay down, have any residual makeup removed before closing your eyes (for a relatively long period of time). Once you’ve settled in, the treatment commences with intermittent shoulder and neck massaging in between the coating of the lashes.

Upon opening your eyes after the three steps have been completed, you’ll feel as though you’ve had some sort of eye lift, a sensation best described as feeling more awake. However, before you go and show off your newfound lash glory, just remember to keep them dry for 24 hours after, applying mascara freely. Although, we doubt you’ll need it.


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