We interview the founders of CODAGE Paris to get an insight into their wondrous skincare

On the quest to learn more about scientific skincare brand CODAGE Paris, we chat with brother-sister duo and founders, Julien & Amandine Azencott.

What inspired you to work in the cosmetics industry?
Growing up in a family of doctors, pharmacists and dermatologists led to a fascination with health and an ingrained understanding of beauty products. As children, we were inspired to make ‘miracle potions’ just like they did, which evolved into us doing it for real, as adults.

How did CODAGE Paris start?
We wanted to revive the apothecaries of yore, where anyone could walk-in and discuss their needs, desires and way of life with an expert, before being provided with a bespoke formula. Eight years ago, we founded CODAGE on the same philosophy.

What sets CODAGE apart from other skincare brands?
Our products are formulated, made and packaged by us in our own laboratory located in the South of France, near Nice. We control the whole process, and we travel the world in order to source the right raw materials of the highest quality.

What is CODAGE Paris’ brand philosophy?
CODAGE addresses all skin types, whether you are a man or a woman, or young or old. Our expertise is based on solving individual beauty issues, having a perfect knowledge of our active ingredients properties, and being precise with our dosage.

What are your thoughts on the ‘clean beauty’ movement?
To us, making things the right way is crucial. We are vegan with a cruelty-free formula that uses only natural ingredients, and we provide our customers with as much information as they need, because we have nothing to hide.

Why did you feel the need to create unisex products?
We celebrate the uniqueness of each, no matter if you are a man or a woman, no matter your age or your ethnicity — each skin is unique and deserves specific skin care. Men need to take care of their skin just as much as women do!

If you two weren’t working in the cosmetics industry, where would you be working?
To be honest, we have no idea! This journey has always been so evident for both of us, that we never really considered anything else. 

What are the benefits, and drawbacks, of working with a sibling?
Today, after 10 years of working together, we only see benefits. Working with your sibling is great as you have full trust and confidence in them, and we know exactly what the other is thinking at any time, almost like twins. Experiencing the CODAGE adventure with family is extremely rewarding, and we are both very thankful to be living it together.

CODAGE is available exclusively from East Day Spa and Spring Spa.


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