We have your exclusive chance to win a full set of Mimi Gilmour Buckley’s luxurious new skincare line — IAMMI

In the wellbeing realm, and particularly when it comes to skincare, there is an eye-watering number of brands and products promising an equally eye-watering array of miracle fixes. So much so, that it can be difficult to know where to start (or where to end, for that matter). But one newcomer to the space is cutting sharply through the noise to offer something that takes us back to the values on which the burgeoning industry of wellbeing was built: Firstly, uncomplicated products that harness natural, effective and high-quality ingredients, and secondly, the importance of ritual, of connection and of cultivating moments of quiet contemplation. Meet IAMMI, the luxurious new skincare line and wellbeing platform pioneered by Mimi Gilmour Buckley that promises to reintroduce restorative inward reflection to our daily routines.

Olympia Glow Nourishing Serum

Carefully developed over three and a half years, IAMMI was initially inspired by Mimi’s experiences immediately after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia, six years ago, who was born with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy. In those early days, it was in simple, self-care rituals like her skincare routine that gave Mimi solace, and eventually, it was the effect of those repeated, daily routines that planted the seed for IAMMI — a skincare line that goes beyond products alone. “It was during my skincare routine that I first realised how small daily habits can positively impact mental health,” she explains.

Bringing her IAMMI vision to life with a team of experts (including Co-Founder Lucinda East Kennedy and Founding Partners Christine Hames and Sydney Crocker, the former a skincare veteran and expert product developer, the latter a leader in tech and product design) Mimi has created a line that is meant to nourish our minds as much as our skin. In terms of products, IAMMI launched with three options, each made locally and each perfect for folding into existing skincare regimens.

The hero is the Olympia Glow Nourishing Serum, which offers a potent mix of 20 natural oils and extracts combined with pure hyaluronic acid to promote dewy, hydrated and glowing skin. (Importantly, $1 from every Olympia Glow sold will be donated to The Starship Foundation.) There are also two cleansing balms in the IAMMI line-up, the Reflection Cleansing Balm — which harnesses antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, omegas and a powerful bioactive blend to calm and restore the skin — and the Reset Cleansing Balm — which combines the power of a cleanser, a hydrator and an exfoliator in one product that melts impurities away.

Alongside IAMMI’s skincare line (which we are told has four more additions launching in the coming months and about 15 more products in the works) the brand also unveiled a series of GOTS-certified, organic muslin facecloths (made in collaboration with Babu) designed to bring some tactile luxury to our daily routines.

Reset Exfoliating Cleansing Balm

But IAMMI is far more than its products alone. It also has its own app, available free on the Apple store, which is designed to take the idea of self-care deeper — to encourage us to go below the surface. On the app, not only can users track the progress of their skin health, but they can also input how they are feeling and indicate how they want to feel, in order to filter the app’s extensive content, carefully cultivated by the IAMMI team. Users can listen to this content via the app’s ‘My Daily Practice’ feature, designed to be played while you do your skincare routines and comprising a 20-second daily affirmation alongside a two-to-four-minute ‘Life Bite’ (stories or advice from contributors who are experts in their field or, who have wisdom to share).

“We wanted the app to be a melting pot of wisdom and advice across all areas of life,” Mimi explains. “We keep talking about the need to ‘human better, together’ and that is what our vision is for IAMMI.” She continues, “We want to shape a true collective, where our community informs what products and routines we should be looking to next as well as what voices we should have on the app.”

Left: Reflection Cleansing Balm Right: Organic Muslin Face Cloth

With the skincare now available to buy here, and the app up and running too, IAMMI is poised to take our daily rituals to another level. It is skincare designed to deepen the significance of our routines, to simplify our approach, to encourage us to consider our wellbeing in a more holistic way and crucially, to make us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. To celebrate the launch of IAMMI, we are giving one lucky Denizen and a friend the chance to win all of IAMMI’s three products, plus an organic muslin facecloth, each. See our Instagram post below for details and to enter.

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