This is why you should be adding a dose of Vitamin C to your skincare regimen

Within the beauty industry, there is a lot of talk about superhero ingredients, but few that really meet expectations. Vitamin C, however, has some serious substance. It has rocketed onto our wellness radar with an outstretched arm and a flowing orange cape thanks to its numerous skin-improving qualities, touted as being able to conquer everything from ageing to pollution’s effect on the skin.

The wonder ingredient is not only one of the most potent antioxidants available for the face and neck area, but it also spurs on collagen production to an almighty, skin-tightening degree as well as fighting against environmental aggressors including sun damage. So how do we get our hands on the miracle vitamin? There are only so many oranges a person can eat in one day, and, unless you’ve got an orchard of citrus trees in your backyard and a whole lot of patience, it’s not possible to bathe in the stuff either.

With its wondrous properties, many skincare brands are jumping on the Vitamin C bandwagon, but we recommend opting for those with the highest concentration, usually found in leave-on products or intensive treatments such as the serums and long-lasting moisturisers found below.


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