Hair trend: The return of the fringe

2018 sees the mighty resurgence of the most adaptable hairstyle there is. From the micro to the side-swept, the split curtains to the shaggy, the fringe is back with a bang. Whether you’re lightly dabbling with some soft shaping or jumping straight into the deep end with blunt, heavy bangs, beginning (or probably reigniting) a relationship with a fringe is something that should be approached with both care and caution. That being said, here are a few pointers from Ezra Serville — acclaimed hair expert from Servilles Takapuna, known for his impressive set of skills and renowned style — to consider before you broach the bangs.

The first step is the length, whether micro or eyebrow skimming the fringe’s lengths can be incredibly flattering and work wonders for the face, emphasising your best features. For example, those with striking eyebrows should sit the fringe just above them to highlight their shape, whereas a longer length is timeless and flattering for all. Another step to factor in is the width, for the width of a fringe can both open and close the face — a narrow fringe has slimming effects while a wider variation will open the face out. Finally, whether bold and brass or layered and wispy, the texture is key. A modern, blunt fringe is loud and attention-grabbing while a feathery, light addition will break the face up and flatter more humbly.

Nervous to try the trend? Dip your toe into the fringe realm by way of a long, grown out style with feathery textures and soft shaping around the face — it’s a versatile, low maintenance, and easy-to-wear style. If you are already a seasoned fringe-goer who wants to go further, try a shattered, full fringe that sits just around the eyebrows for a modern lift. Finally, at risk of looking like a scream-3 era Courtney Cox, don’t ever try and cut your own — put down the scissors and book in with seasoned specialist Ezra Serville, because it’s always better to leave it to the professionals.


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