Looking to book in a salon blow-dry? Read this first

There’s much that can be said about a quality blow-out, and most approach the treatment expecting to be subject to its mane overhauling properties. However, not all blow-dries are created equal, and, due to a combination of high expectations and a lacklustre salon approach, many result in disappointment. In a bid to avoid all unfulfilling brow-dry scenarios evermore we’ve consulted a professional — here Ezra Serville, senior stylist and creative director at Servilles Takapuna, divulges what you should really be looking out for to get the best from your blow-dry.

Take a picture in with you beforehand
It helps to have an idea of what you want before you enter the salon — stylists can work a certain amount of magic but they most definitely aren’t mind readers.

Pre blow-dry
Before you get down to business you’ll be subject to a relaxing hair-wash, at which point Ezra recommends asking for a treatment. “Not only will this make your hair feel amazing, but it will also make it more manageable.”

Be realistic
Try not to get your stylist to do something that you know your hair won’t do. “For people with fine hair, it’s all about building up as much volume as it will usually drop a little afterwards,” he explains, “mousse and hairspray are the two essential products — but you should really be avoiding conditioner too.” For those with wavy or curly hair? “We should really be focusing on a blow-wave with a little bit of movement, this enhances the natural volume.”

All about that face
Similar to the above, it’s important to remember that blow-dry’s suit certain face shapes — and your stylist will know best. “Square and circle face shapes really suit a side or slightly off-centre parting,” Ezra explains, “whereas round faces are slimmed down when some volume is added on top.” 

Make sure your stylist uses a heat spray
A heat product spray is essential in Ezra’s book. “This is something I’d recommend for everyone, especially with the number of hot tools that get used these days.” The best of the bunch? “Melu by Davines is amazing.”

Three products are best
According to Ezra, a trio of three products is the best bet for a quality blow-wave. “I try and limit it to one to support the look, one to protect or nourish, and one to finish it all off — usually a hairspray or oil.”

When in doubt, opt for the natural look 
The ideal blow-dry should look a little organic, he says, “they should give a softness to the hair that so it can move and look natural, straight hair ideally suits a soft bend whereas curls should be made a little looser.”

Party prep
Going to an event? Ezra recommends getting your make-up done afterwards to prevent the hairline being washed off.

The take-home product
If you’re going to take home anything post-blow-dry, it needs to be a brushable hairspray. “I love the Invisible No Gas Spray by Davines,” he admits, “you can use it to hold a look in place and it’s flexible, so your hair still moves naturally.” As an added bonus, this wonder product will also help with volume, just spray a few times at the roots and you’re good to go.

The aftermath
If a blow dry is carried out well, it should last for around three days — but if truly looked after it can last up to a week. Try and keep exercise to a minimum, but if you really need to work-out, opt for less sweat-inducing options such as Pilates, as opposed to a killer run. Sleeping on a satin pillow can help minimise morning bedhead, while showering with a cap or microfibre towel will help avoid added moisture and frizz. Also, try your best to keep your mitts off your mop — the natural oils in the skin will only make the hair look more greasy and limp.

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